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iBET actively participated in Vitafoods 2016


Vitafoods Genève 2016 is the largest annual event where the entire nutraceutical supply chain does business, covering four key sectors; Ingredients & Raw Materials, Contract Manufacturing, Services and Finished Products.

Taking lab-based cancer models to the next level


Researchers from iBET have developed a new method that better mimics disease progression in vitro providing a better tool for drug screening and target validation in pre-clinical oncology.

Institutional Movie


IBET is - also at an international level - a unique institution, bridging the gap between academia and industry. This bridge provides opportunities in two ways: It helps to bring new ideas...

Joachim Klein

President, Science Academy from Braunschweig

The ACTU has outstanding working conditions as any top research laboratory, which in my view is the natural result of the team efforts and positive synergies...

Tiago Vicente

Principal Scientist, Redvax, Pfizer Inc.

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