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Bfood™ products awarded with the 2014 NutriGold Prize


The range of products Bfood™ was awarded the NutriGold 2014 Prize by the Scientific Committee of the XVIII Conference on Practical Nutrition and the IX International Congress of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics, last March in Madrid.


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Clive Wood

Senior Vice-President & Head of Global Biologics, Bayer

IBET is a first class international biotech center with scientific abilities with high international academic competitions and industrial capabilities that will satisfy both biotech...

Daniel I.C. Wang

Institute Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachussets Institute of Technology

IBET is - also at an international level - a unique institution, bridging the gap between academia and industry. This bridge provides opportunities in two ways: It helps to bring new ideas...

Joachim Klein

President, Science Academy from Braunschweig