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Announcing course on Cells for Compound Screening


From September 23rd to 26th 2015. Early registration deadline is June 30. The course covers all critical aspects of mammalian cell based screens for the identification of biologically active compounds.

ACT course 2014

Announcing 5th course on Animal Cell Technology


27th September to 1st October 2015. Early registration deadline is June 30. This introductory course provides an overview of the field, from the more basic aspects to the final application.



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IBET is - also at an international level - a unique institution, bridging the gap between academia and industry. This bridge provides opportunities in two ways: It helps to bring new ideas...

Joachim Klein

President, Science Academy from Braunschweig

At Global Biologics, iBET is a key ‘extended workbench’ for us. It is a partnership based on a shared respect for science, mutual trust and flexibility.

Clive Wood

Senior Vice-President & Head of Global Biologics, Bayer

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