If you are seeking a career in science research and industrial transfer, iBET is the right place to come! We are a leading research institution in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences areas and offer our students an excellent training and development environment. MSc and Ph.D. degrees are granted through iBET´s University partners, ITQB and FCT Universidade Nova de Lisboa in particular.

iBET gathers both basic and applied research. Here you have the chance to start your career learning, talking and networking with scientists not only from a basic research background as well as from leading national start-ups. Our experience in partnerships with industry at the national and international level, promote the transfer of scientific results into assets for society. All together this  gives iBET a unique setting, broadening your perspectives in closer contact with the job market.

At iBET we enjoy to foster a creative, stimulating environment and encourage our students to engage in a complete educational experience through providing a wide range of resources, opportunities and a strong scientific background. We are committed to the preparation of students with the skills and experiences they need to succeed in their future careers.

You can contact iBET researchers and get to know better their science; this will help you in making a decision on each area you would like to enroll. You can also find further information about the institute at iBET @ a Glance.

To learn more about iBET contact: ibet-students@ibet.pt