Quick guide for Master and PhD training

Your mind is full of questions, want to be a scientist, where to start? A couple of important decisions have to be made.  Are you at the stage of a Master or a PhD degree? During the master you will have one year of classes, followed by another year to develop a research project. For the master and the PhD, you will have to decide for an area of research, and be supervised and guided in your work by a  principal investigator (head of lab). It might be the case that you already have talked and discussed with a principal investigator on possible projects. Now you will need funding.

All ingredients are in place, you have a supervisor, enthusiasm, creativity and dedication all will be put to action in writing your project to apply for a fellowship (PhD). This will be your first challenge as a young scientist. In some cases labs might have some funds that can be allocated for your work before the fellowship begins.

This quick guide is of course simplified and it is fundamental that you take time in knowing the lab, what are the mutual expectations, what you would like to develop and contribute. For this reason at iBET you can reach us at ibet-students@ibet.pt and we will assist you in all sorts of questions you may have. Also you are very welcome to reach by e-mail any principal investigator, just browse the research groups, discover the scopes of research of your interest, or new topics, just feed your curiosity and set a meeting with the researcher.