Biopilot Plant

iBET's Biopilot Plant is equipped for development and testing of fermentation, extraction and purification processes. Its modular character also enables the autonomous and independent utilization of each unit operation step.

iBET's Biopilot Plant has been used for processing bacteria, yeast and fungi, as well as for virus production and animal cell utilization for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and agro-industrial.

Its fermentation, extraction and purification rooms are configured for biological containment (fully compliant with OECD and EU rules and directives) to allow production and processing using genetically modified organisms. Purification processes are carried out in explosion- proof rooms.

All equipments are conected through a CAN field-BUS network to a centralized control system (UBICON) so that all operations oh the Pilot Plant can be fully documented and controlled, also as a basis for cGMP dossiers.