Buggypower becomes iBET's most recent shareholder


Buggypower is a biotechnology company specialized in the design, construction and operation of microalgae production units. As microalgae life creators, its mission is to capture and fix CO2 through the use of microalgae, obtaining with this process, a high quality raw material that guarantees the production of high value added products.

Microalgae are a micro ingredient with scientifically proven macro benefits. Currently, Buggypower produces several species of microalgae, with a special focus on Chlorella - produced in a marine environment and in a closed production system, made up of patented photobioreactors, which ensures the quality of the product and grants all the micronutrients of sea water.

With many applications, Buggypower is currently developing a wide range of marine microalgae products for the food and feed markets, with leading companies in each sector, thus contributing to the future of mankind through the infinite power of this superfood. Buggypower is considered an example by the European Union, with regard to the Circular Economy due to its sustainable processes and added value products of global application, from the Industrial Production Unit of Porto Santo, a project in partnership with Madeira Electrical Company (EEM).

"The future of nutrition and mankind is in the oceans."  -  Pedro Escudero, founder and CEO at Buggypower