iBET-BAYER partnership distinguished with Infarmed Best Practices Award


iBET and Bayer were distinguished by INFARMED, I.P. with the Best Practices Award in the scope of the established partnership that gave origin to the Bayer Satellite Laboratory at iBET. The ceremony took place last Tuesday, January 15, in Lisbon, as part of the Infarmed 25th anniversary celebrations closure, in which projects and institutions promoting good practices in the sector of Medicine and Health Products in Portugal were distinguished, including iBET-Bayer partnership.
INFARMED, i.P. is the Portuguese agency that regulates and supervises the drugs sector and health products in Portugal. In the event Best Practices Awards Infarmed 25+, a total of 81 institutions, institutes, hospitals and services from all over the country were awarded in different categories. iBET and Bayer were distinguished for the category National Pharmaceutical Industry, and the award was presented by Maria do Céu Machado, President of Infarmed, to Paula Alves, CEO of iBET, and Nathalie Cardinal on Widdern, Managing Director of Bayer Portugal.

Best Practices Award team

Picture: (from left to right) Nathalie Cardinal von Widdern, Managing Director of Bayer Portugal, Paula Alves, CEO of iBET, Ana Barbas, Head of the Bayer Satellite Laboratory at iBET, and Isabel Fonseca Santos, Medical Director at Bayer Portugal.

For Paula Alves: "This award is a national recognition of how partnerships such as iBET has with Bayer are key to developing bridges between research and industry. For us, these are the kind of collaborations that allow us to advance in the areas of new therapies, and to address more personalized and accurate medicine”.
"We are very proud of the path taken by Bayer Portugal in the last ten years, in which the focus of the partnership with iBET was research into the development of new molecules. Reinforcing our capacity for innovation allows us to boost and develop research projects to meet the challenges of our time, "says Nathalie Cardinal von Widdern, Managing Director of Bayer Portugal. "This is a pioneering experience of Bayer and we are very proud to be in Portugal," she added.
The Bayer Satellite Lab at iBET was established in 2009 and is dedicated to four distinct research areas. After 10 years of existence, the team currently integrates 13 scientists, most of whom are PhD holders, and is coordinated by Ana Barbas. Bayer's annual investment in this collaboration with iBET is over 2 million euros.
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