iBET Food & Health division financed with 2.4 million


iBET's application to "Financiamento Plurianual de Base dos Centros Interface", from INTERFACE Programme, a measure of support from the National Innovation Agency (ANI), was successfully approved and, until 2021, iBET will receive an amount of 800 000 Euro per year to be applied in strengthening the research work carried out by iBET's Food and Health Division in partnership with national and international research institutions, and in the development of support services for the national agri-food industry.

This is an important incentive for iBET, whose strategic plan aims the development of competences in the area of Food and Health and the expansion of support to national industries.

Over the next three years, this funding will allow hiring specialized human resources as well as the acquisition of equipment and goods and services, and will enable the Division to help industry in the implementation of innovative technologies and processes following the principles of circular economy. The adoption of sustainable alternatives for the valorization of products and the search for solutions to existing problems, especially in the area of Quality, will be the target of the collaboration between iBET and national industries that will lead to an increase in competitiveness.

For Rosario Bronze, coordinator of the Food and Health Division of iBET: "This funding is a strong boost not only for what is already our support activity for the agro-food sector but also for the development of new areas of competence. Also, it will strengthen the competitiveness of iBET as well as of the national industry, contributing to the support of the national industry and the country's economic growth".

The INTERFACE Programme aims to enrich Portuguese products through innovation, productivity increase, value creation and the incorporation of new technologies in the productive processes of national companies. As a whole, the INTERFACE initiatives aim to accelerate the transfer of technology from universities to companies, enhance product certification, and increase the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy and companies in the national and international markets.

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