iBET was the largest delegation attending the 25th ESACT Meeting


The 2017 ESACT (European Society of Animal Cell Technology) Meeting which took place May 14-17 in Lausanne, followed the theme: Cell technologies for innovative therapies, highlighting both the importance of basic aspects and high - performing bioprocesses, as well as recent advances in stem cells, recombinant proteins and viral vectors, biomaterials for regenerative medicine and nanoparticles.

The ESACT Conference has become a leading conference in the field of Animal Cell Technology, attracting around 1200 persons from both academia and industry. 

Twenty-four researchers from the iBET participated, making this one of the largest delegations present.

iBET’s participation involved chairing one session (Paula Alves), two oral presentations (Daniel Simão and Margarida Serra), one oral poster snapshot (Miguel Guerreiro) and sixteen posters.

One of iBET’s posters also received the 2nd best poster award (Daniela Sequeira - received by António Roldão).

iBET and its partner GenIbet also shared a booth at the ESACT exhibition which lasted the entire meeting and allowed establishing new contacts aiming at potential future collaborations.

Last but not least, it is with great pride that we acknowledge the nomination of Paula Alves as the new President of ESACT (2017-2019).

For those of us present, it was gratifying to sense the great impact and visibility that iBET has amongst the scientific and industrial community.