Infarmed visits iBET - an initiative of Bayer Portugal


In an initiative from Bayer Portugal, iBET recently received the visit of Infarmed, the Portuguese agency that regulates and supervises the drugs sector and health products in Portugal. In order to make Infarmed aware of the research work that is taking place at Bayer's satellite lab at iBET, Bayer Portugal invited Professor Maria do Céu Machado and Professor Rui Ivo, President and Vice-President of Infarmed. As representatives of Bayer Portugal, one could also count with the presence of Dr Nathalie von Widdern (Managing  Director), Dr Isabel Fonseca Santos (Medical Director) and Dr Sofia André (Market Access and Public Affairs).

During the visit, the guests were able to learn about the research carried out at iBET and the impact the institute has on the national economy, by the words of Professor Manuel Carrondo, Vice President of iBET, and Dr Ana Barbas, coordinator of Bayer's satellite lab. In more detail, Dr Isabel Fonseca Santos presented the clinical trials that Bayer is performing in Portugal.

The meeting ended with a visit to the Bayer's satellite laboratory, the Animal Cell Technology Unit and the Pilot Unit, under the guidance of Professor Paula Alves, CEO of iBET.

Quoting the President and Vice-President of Infarmed: "we were positively surprised by what we saw at iBET, by the level of research that is done there, and also by the fact that Bayer Portugal is supporting cutting edge projects in Portugal".