Jorge de Melo and Paula Alves lead the new Direction of iBET


Since last April, iBET has a new Board of Directors that includes CEOs and managers of Portuguese multinational companies and scientific researchers. Jorge de Melo, CEO of Sovena (Nutrinveste group), is the current President and Paula Alves, researcher and Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, remains CEO of iBET. Also members of the new Direction are the vice-presidents Maria do Carmo Neves, CEO of Tecnimede, and João Almeida Lopes, CEO of the Medinfar group, both representatives of two multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Photos of Jorge de Melo and Paula Alves

Photo: Jorge de Melo and Paula Alves

With 29 years of history, iBET is the largest non-profit private Portuguese institution dedicated to biotechnology research. Since its origin, it has mobilized highly relevant business partners in the pharmaceutical and agri-food and forestry sectors.

Its main mission is the production of scientific knowledge that allows companies and the country to innovate, create value, employment, and economic growth. In this sense, Paula Alves and Manuel Carrondo, also Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and founder of iBET, continue to integrate iBET leadership, ensuring the attraction of human capital for research and establishing bridges with international R&D players in biotechnology.

The multiple projects iBET develops also allow the institute to support master, doctoral and postdoctoral studies, being even considered the Portuguese private institution for scientific research with a greater number of doctorates in its staff, in a direct contribution to the valorization of the national human capital.