The Portuguese Program SEMEAR transformed iBET researchers into farmers for one day


SEMEAR, a sustainable program of social inclusion aimed at promoting the employability and socio-professional integration of young and adults with impaired intellectual and physical developmental through certified training, biological transformation and organic production, provided to iBET collaborators a day of agricultural activities.

Last 12th of April, at the INIAV Agronomic Campus, in Oeiras, 120 iBET collaborators became farmers for one day and worked on sowing, planting, harvesting, weeding and soil covering, under the mentorship of the SEMEAR team.

For Paula Alves, CEO of iBET, this moment of teambuilding "has resulted in a changing experience because it gathered iBET collaborators in a less formal context where they could explore an activity that is not usual for the vast majority, as well as inspire each one of us to be more active in terms of Social Responsibility. We all learned a lot; it was an excellent time together where the mutual help and good mood was constant. SEMEAR's work in the technical and human spheres is remarkable and it is gratifying to contribute in some way to its continuity.”

Joana Santiago, SEMEAR’s director highlights: ”SEMEAR's Corporate Volunteer programs aim to strengthen team spirit and promote cohesion as well as enhance team identity through cooperation in achieving goals that contribute to tackling social inequality. I would like to thank the true spirit of mission and all the work done by iBET collaborators on this day of work, solidarity and learning.”

Through many different projects, SEMEAR program creates inclusive responses that promote the improvement of life quality of citizens with disabilities in Portugal through skills development, training and professional integration. 

iBET community is very proud to have participated in such initiative which in the end allowed us to plant 100 trays, to seed 130 trays and to weed 750 m2 of agricultural land.