PROMETEUS Project kick-off: the beginning of a platform for the development of new molecules


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On February 18th, the Prometeus Consortium of which iBET is a partner, met for the kick-off meeting at the Sapienza University, in Rome. The Consortium is made up of European and American Academic Partners and by European SMEs, aimed at establishing a platform for the development of new molecules: antibiotics, theranostics for oncology and prostatic pathologies.

António Roldão, iBET researcher at the Animal Cell Technology Unit, represented the institute in this meeting contributing for an overview of the methods and research that iBET brings into the collaboration.

Prometeus is focused on the study of membrane proteins, which are the target of most of the drugs currently in use and require cutting-edge technologies for the study of their structure and function. This project brings together specialists in biochemistry, structural biology, organic synthesis, bioinformatics, cell models and protein production for research and therapy, creating a complete platform of skills from gene to molecule. It is one of the 73 selected projects by the European Union in the framework of the call "Research and Innovation Staff Exchange" (RISE), which is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, and it is coordinated by Beatrice Vallone, Professor of Biochemistry at the Sapienza Department of Biochemical Sciences.

The RISE programme represents a unique opportunity for individuals to expand their horizons, enlarge their networks, receive innovative research training and develop new career opportunities. It also promotes transnational and intersectoral collaboration by sharing knowledge and ideas from research to the market and vice versa in Europe and in third countries. In this scope, Prometeus Partners will second their researchers for periods of study and research in Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and in the United States of America to promote creativity and entrepreneurship and help transforming creative ideas into innovative products.

The Prometeus consortium met for the first time to implement with maximum efficiency the objectives outlined in the proposal funded by the European Union. It was welcomed by the Department of Biochemical Sciences and with the support of the University's Internationalization and Research Sectors.

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