Sanofi invests 2 million Euros in a research laboratory at iBET


Sanofi-iBET team

Sanofi, a leading pharmaceutical company, has recently signed a 2 million Euro partnership agreement with iBET to establish a Sanofi satellite laboratory where two lines of research will be developed, starting on 1 August and for 2 years.

Francisco del Val, General Director of Sanofi Portugal, states: "We want this partnership to promote science and bring value to Portugal, contributing to the development of knowledge. It is not easy to attract this type of investment to Portugal, so we are proud to see that we have succeeded in launching this Project. This is a very focused research that will be of great contribution in helping us in the various phases of research, to accelerate the availability of innovation to patients globally".

This partnership, which represents a laboratory exclusively for Sanofi, will have a dedicated team of two researchers and the support of a third member, who will lead two research projects, one relative to the purification and characterization of antibodies, and another dedicated to the selection of the best process conditions for producing the antibodies of interest.

"Agreements between companies and scientific institutions serve to generate wealth for countries, creating qualified jobs and strengthening the national economy. With this partnership, we are working to develop our country and the reputation of national research and researchers", says Manuel Carrondo, Vice-President of iBET.

Patrícia Alves, coordinator of iBET-Sanofi lab, adds "this research will help to develop Sanofi's research pipeline by ensuring that products quality is the required for clinical application. At the same time, it will help to optimize the product research process by shortening the time needed in the main line of research".

For Sanofi, the establishment of partnerships that allow a faster advance in research is a strategic priority and it is in this context that the agreement signed with iBET is framed. For iBET this is the fourth satellite lab that the institution hosts (the others are: Novartis, Bayer and Merck) and represents "another advance in the development of value brought to the Portuguese economy, through the link between research and industry, always trying to develop biotechnology solutions that represent an evolution of research to the world", says Paula Alves, CEO of iBET.