Tasty and healthy - Researchers found neuroprotective compounds resulting from the metabolization of berries


Age-related complications such as neurodegenerative disorders are increasing and remain cureless. The possibility of altering the progression or the development of these multifactorial diseases through diet is an emerging and attractive approach with increasing experimental support.

Researchers from Molecular Nutrition and Health lab from iBET and ITQB NOVA in collaboration with James Hutton Institute and Faculty of Pharmacy from Lisbon have examined the potential of known bioavailable phenolic sulfates, arising from colonic metabolism of berries, to influence hallmarks of neurodegenerative processes. The results were published in Scientific Reports.

“We have found that when consumed, berries are metabolized into molecules that can reach the brain in considerable amounts”, says Cláudia Santos, coordinator of the project. According to the researcher, “These metabolites also displayed strong neuroprotective potential towards important hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases such as oxidative stress, glutamate excitotoxicity and neuroinflammation”.

Original Article


Polyphenols journey through blood-brain barrier towards neuronal protection

I. Figueira, G. Garcia, R. C. Pimpão, A. P. Terrasso, I. Costa, A. F. Almeida, L. Tavares, T. F. Pais, P. Pinto, M. R. Ventura, A. Filipe, G. J. McDougall, D. Stewart, K. S. Kim, I. Palmela, D. Brites, M. A. Brito, C. Brito & C. N. Santos

Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 11456 (2017)