Lab's equipped for manipulation and growth of animall cells

Biohazard laminar flows

Bioprofile 100plus analyser for on-line monitoring (Glc, Lac, Gln, Glu, NH4+, Na+, K+, pH) 

Bioreactors (0.2-5L)

Cell counter (Schärfe System)

Centrifuges (conventional and plate rotors)

Electrophoresis equipment

ELISA reader (96 Wells Plates)

Flow cytometer coupled with a 96-well plate auto-sampler

Freezer-dryer (control of all critical parameters)

HPLC (sugars, nucleotides, amino-acids and weak acids)

Incubators for mammalian (with CO2 and O2 control) and insect cells culture

Liquid Chromatography for purification (ÄKTA Explorer system)

Liquid Nitrogen Reservoirs and -85ºC Freezer for Cell/Virus Banking

Luminescence/Fluorescence Reader for 96-well plates and on-line measurement (bioreactor)

Membrane based purification (ÄKTA Crossflow and Sartoflow Slice 200 Benchtop System)

Mobile Biohazard Laminar Flow


Planner for cryopreservation: liquid nitrogen reservoirs and -85ºC freezer for cell/virus banking

Quantitative PCR (Light Cycler)

Spectrophotometer (conventional and for 96 wells plates)

Vertical and inverted microscopes equipped with fluorescence, phase contrast, dark and bright field, microphotography cameras

YSI analyser for on-line e off-line monitoring (Glc, Lac, Gln, Glu)

Access to


Confocal Microscope

LC-MS (MSn), MALDI-TOF with Reflectron