Selected Publications


Alves, M., Lamego, J., Bandeiras, T., Castro, R., Tomas, H., Coroadinha, A.S., Costa, J., and Simplício, A.L.
Human Carboxylesterase 2: studies on the role of glycosylation for enzymatic activity
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 5, 105-10. More info

Carinhas N, Pais DAM, Koshkin A, Fernandes P, Coroadinha A, Carrondo MJT, Alves PM, Teixeira AP
Metabolic flux profilling of MDCK cells during growth and canine adenovirus vector production
Scientific Reports 6: 23529 More info

Correia C, Koshkin A, Carido M, Espinha N, Šarić T, Lima PA, Serra M, Alves PM
Effective Hypothermic Storage of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Compatible With Global Distribution of Cells for Clinical Applications and Toxicology Testing
Stem Cells Transl Med More info

Cunha B, Silva RJ, Aguiar T, Serra M, Daicic J, Maloisel JL, Clachan J, Åkerblom A, Carrondo MJ, Peixoto C, Alves PM.
Improving washing strategies of human mesenchymal stem cells using negative mode expanded bed chromatography
J Chromatogr A. 2016 Jan 15;1429:292-303. More info

Estrada MF, Rebelo SP, Davies EJ, Pinto MT, Pereira H, Santo VE, Matthew J. Smalley, Barry ST, Gualda EJ, Alves PM, Anderson E, Brito C
Modelling the tumour microenvironment in long-term microencapsulated 3D cocultures recapitulates phenotypic features of disease progression
Biomaterials  More info

Fernandes CS, Castro R, Coroadinha AS, Roque AC
Small synthetic ligands for the enrichment of viral particles pseudotyped with amphotropic murine leukemia virus envelope
J Chromatogr A. pii: S0021-9673(16)30125-X More info

Gomes-Alves P, Serra M, Brito C, Ricardo CP, Cunha R, Sousa MF, Sanchez B, Bernad A, Carrondo MJT, Rodriguez-Borlado L, Alves PM
In vitro expansion of human cardiac progenitor cells: exploring 'omics tools for characterization of cell-based allogeneic products
Translational Research More info

Patrone M, Coroadinha AS, Teixeira AP, Alves PM.
Palmitoylation strengthens cholesterol-dependent multimerization and fusion activity of human cytomegalovirus gB
Journal of Biochemical Chemistry More info

Santo VE, Estrada MF, Rebelo SP, Abreu S, Silva I, Pinto C, Veloso SC, Serra AT, Boghaert E, Alves PM, Brito, C
Adaptable stirred-tank culture strategies for large scale production of multicellular spheroid-based tumor cell models
J Biotechnol. 221 118-29 More info

Simao D, Pinto C, Fernandes P, Piersanti S, Saggio I, Collinson LM, Schiavo G, Kremer EJ, Alves PM & Brito C
Evaluation of helper-dependent canine adenovirus vectors in a 3D human CNS model
Gene Therapy, 23(1):86-94 More info

Soares HR, Castro R, Tomas HA, Rodrigues AF, Gomes-Alves P, Bellier B, Klatzmann D, Carrondo MJ, Alves PM, Coroadinha AS
Tetraspanins displayed in retrovirus-derived virus-like particles and their immunogenicity
Vaccine More info


Castro R, Fernandes P, Laske T, Sousa MFQAppl Microbiol Biotechnol , Genzel Y, Scharfenberg K, Alves PM, Coroadinha AS
Production of canine adenovirus type 2 in serum-free suspension cultures of MDCK cells
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol (in press) More info

Cunha B, Peixoto C, Silva MM, Carrondo MJT, Serra M, Alves PM
Filtration methodologies for the clarification and concentration of human mesenchymal stem cells
J Memb Sci, Volume 478, 117-129  More info

Cunha, B., Aguiar, T., Silva, M.M., Silva, R.J., Sousa, M.F., Pineda, E., Peixoto, C., Carrondo, M.J., Serra, M., and Alves, P.M.
Exploring continuous and integrated strategies for the up- and downstream processing of human mesenchymal stem cells.
J Biotechnol 213, 97-108. More info

Fernandes P, Almeida AI, Kremer EJ, Alves PM & Coroadinha AS
Canine helper-dependent vectors production: implications of Cre activity and co-infection on adenovirus propagation
Scientific Reports 5: 9135 More info

Fernandes P, Simao D, Guerreiro MR, Kremer EJ, Coroadinha AS & Alves PM
Impact of adenovirus life cycle progression on the generation of canine helper-dependent vectors
Gene Therapy 22, 40-49 More info

Gomes J, Gomes-Alves P, Carvalho SB, Peixoto C, Alves PM, Altevogt P, Costa J
Extracellular Vesicles from Ovarian Carcinoma Cells Display Specific Glycosignatures
Biomolecules 2015, 5(3), 1741-1761. More info

Gomes-Alves, P., Serra, M., Brito, C., R-Borlado L, Lopez JA, Vazquez J, Carrondo MJT, Bernad A & Alves PM
Exploring analytical proteomics platforms toward the definition of human cardiac stem cells receptome
Proteomics 15, 1332-7 More info

Gualda, E.J., Pereira, H., Vale, T., Estrada, M.F., Brito, C., and Moreno, N.
SPIM-fluid: open source light-sheet based platform for high-throughput imaging
Biomedical Optics Express 6, 4447-4456. More info

Kleiderman S, Sá JV, Teixeira AP, Brito C, Gutbier S, Evje LG, Hadera MG, Glaab E, Henry M, Sachinidis A, Alves PM, Sonnewald U, Leist M.
Functional and phenotypic differences of pure populations of stem cell-derived astrocytes and neuronal precursor cells
Glia. 2015 Dec 22. More info

Materne EM, Ramme AP, Terrasso AP, Serra M, Alves PM, Brito C, Sakharov DA, Tonevitsky AG, Lauster R, Marx U
A multi-organ chip co-culture of neurospheres and liver equivalents for long-term substance testing.
J Biotechnol 205, 36-46. More info

Nestola P, Peixoto C, Silva RJS, Alves PM, Mota JPB, Carrondo MJT
Improved virus purification processes for vaccines and gene therapy
Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 112(5):843-57 More info

Nestola P, Peixoto C, Villain L, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT, Mota JPB.
Rational development of two flowthrough purification strategies for adenovirus type 5 and retro virus-like particles
Journal of Chromatography A 1426, 91-101.  More info

Nestola P, Silva RJ, Peixoto C, Alves PM, Carrondo MJ, Mota JP.
Robust design of adenovirus purification by two-column, simulated moving-bed, size-exclusion chromatography
Journal of Biotechnology,  213(10) 109–119 More info

Oliveira HP, Mairhofer J, Alves PM, Lara AR, Kontoravdi C
Advances in the Development of Biotherapeutics, Editorial
BioMed Research International, Volume 2015, Article ID 793876, 2 pages More info

Perdigao-Henriques, R., Petrocca, F., Altschuler, G., Thomas, M.P., Le, M.T., Tan, S.M., Hide, W., and Lieberman, J.
miR-200 promotes the mesenchymal to epithelial transition by suppressing multiple members of the Zeb2 and Snail1 transcriptional repressor complexes
Oncogene 35(2):158-72 More info

Piersanti S, Burla R, Licursi V, Brito C, La Torre M, Alves PM, Simão D, Monttini C, Salinas S, Negri R, Tagliafico E, Kremer EJ, Saggio I
Transcriptional response of human neurospheres to helper-dependent CAV-2 vectors: activation of DNA damage response, modulation of microtubule motors and centromeric proteins
Plos One, July 24 More info

Rebelo SP, Costa R, Silva MM, Marcelino P, Brito C, Alves PM
Three-dimensional co-culture of human hepatocytes and mesenchymal stem cells: improved functionality in long-term bioreactor cultures.
J Tissue Eng Regen Med [Epub ahead of print] More info

Rebelo, S.P., Costa, R., Sousa, M.F., Brito, C., and Alves, P.M.
Establishing Liver Bioreactors for In Vitro Research
Methods in Molecular Biology 1250, 189-202. More info

Rodrigues A F, Guerreiro M R, Formas-Oliveira A S, Fernandes P, Blechert A-K, Genzel Y, Alves P M, Hu W S, Coroadinha A S.
Increased titer and reduced lactate accumulation in recombinant retrovirus production through the down-regulation of HIF1 and PDK
Biotechnol Bioeng. Jul 1 More info

Rodrigues AF, Formas-Oliveira AS, Guerreiro M, Tomas H, Alves PM and Coroadinha AS
Single step cloning-screening method: a new tool for developing and studying high titer viral vector producer cells
Gene Ther, May 4 More info

Rodrigues AF, Soares HR, Guerreiro MR, Alves PM, Coroadinha AS.
Viral vaccines and their manufacturing cell substrates: New trends and designs in modern vaccinology
Biotechnol J. 2015 Sep;10(9):1329-44 More info

Silva AC, Simão D, Sousa MFQ, Küppers C, Lucas T, Cruz P, Carrondo MJ, Kochanek S, Alves PM
Human Amniocyte-derived Cells for the Production of Adenoviral Vectors
Biotechnology Journal, May;10(5):760-71 More info

Silva MM, Rodrigues AF, Correia C, Sousa MQF, Brito C, Coroadinha AS, Serra M, Alves PM
Robust expansion of human pluripotent stem cells: integration of bioprocess design with transcriptomic and metabolomic characterization
Stem Cells and Translational Medicine, Jul;4(7):731-42 More info

Simao D, Pinto C, Piersanti S, Weston A, Peddie CJ, Bastos AEP, Licursi V, Schwarz, S. C., Collinson, L. M., Salinas S, Serra M, Teixeira AP, Saggio I, Lima PA, Kremer EJ, Schiavo G, Brito C & Alves PM
Modeling Human Neural Functionality In Vitro: Three-Dimensional Culture for Dopaminergic Differentiation
Tissue Engineering Part A 21, 654-668. More info

Sousa MFQ, Silva MM, Girous D, Hashimura Y, Wesselschmidt R, Lee B, Roldão A, Carrondo MJT, Alves PM, Serra M
Production of oncolytic adenovirus and human mesenchymal stem cells in a single-use, vertical-wheel bioreactor system: Impact of bioreactor design on performance of microcarrier-based cell culture pro
Biotechnology Progress, 31(6):1600-12 More info

Suter-Dick L, Alves PM, Blaauboer BJ, Bremm KD, Brito C, Coecke S, Flick B, Fowler P, Hescheler J, Ingelman-Sundberg M, Jennings P, Kelm JM, Manou I, Mistry P, Moretto A, Roth A, Stedman D, van de Water B, Beilmann M
Stem Cell-Derived Systems in Toxicology Assessment
Stem Cells Dev. 24(11):1284-96 More info

Terrasso AP, Pinto C, Serra M, Filipe A, Almeida S, Ferreira AL, Pedroso P, Brito C, Alves PM
Novel scalable 3D cell based model for in vitro neurotoxicity testing: Combining human differentiated neurospheres with gene expression and functional endpoints
J Biotechnol 205, 82-92. More info

Vlaming M, van Duijn E, Dillingh MR, Brands R, Windhorst AD, Hendrikse NH, Bosgra S, Burggraaf J, de Koning MC, Fidder A, Mocking J, Sandman H, de Ligt R, Fabriek BO, Pasman WJ, Seinen W, Alves T, Carrondo M, Peixoto C, Peeters P, Vaes W
Microdosing of a carbon-14 labeled protein in healthy volunteers accurately predicts its pharmacokinetics at therapeutic dosages
Clin Pharmacol Ther. Apr 13 More info


Correia C, Serra M, Espinha N, Sousa M, Brito C, Burkert K, Zheng Y, Hescheler J, Carrondo MJ, Sarić T, Alves PM.
Combining Hypoxia and Bioreactor Hydrodynamics Boosts Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation Towards Cardiomyocytes.
Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. Published on line 15 July 2014. More info

Duarte TM, Carinhas N, Barreiro LC, Carrondo MJT, Alves PM, Teixeira AP
Metabolic responses of CHO cells to limitation of key amino acids.
Biotechnol Bioeng, 111(10): 2095-2106 More info

Fernandes F, Dias MM, Vidigal J, Patrone M, Teixeira AP, Alves PM
Production of rotavirus core-like particles in Sf9 cells using recombinase-mediated cassette exchange
J Biotechnol. 2014 Feb 10;171:34-8 More info

Gualda EJ, Simão D, Pinto C, Alves PM, Brito C.
Imaging of human differentiated 3D neural aggregates using light sheet fluorescence.
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 8:221.  More info

Hickman J, Graeser R, De Hoogt R, Vidic S, Brito C, Gutekunst M, Van der Kuip H.
Capturing tumor complexity in vitro/ex vivo: three dimensional models of cancer for pharmacology and cancer cell biology.
Biotechnology Journal 9: 1115-28. 

Monteiro F, Bernal V, Saelens X, Lozano AB, Bernal C , Sevilla A, Carrondo MJT, Alves PM.
Metabolic profiling of insect cell lines: Unveiling cell line determinants behind system’s Productivity.
Biotechnol Bioeng. 111(4): 816–28. More info

Nestola P, Martins DL, Peixoto C, Roederstein S, Schleuss T, Alves PM, Mota JPB, Carrondo MJ
Evaluation of Novel Large Cut-Off Ultrafiltration Membranes for Adenovirus Serotype 5 (Ad5) Concentration
PLoS ONE, 9(12):-115802 More info

Nestola P, Silva RJS, Peixoto C, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT, Mota JPB.
Adenovirus purification by two-column, size-exclusion, simulated countercurrent chromatography.
Journal of Chromatography A,1347: 111–121. More info

Nestola P, Villain L, Peixoto C, Martins DL, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT, Mota JPB.
Impact of grafting on the design of new membrane adsorbers for adenovirus purification.
Journal of Biotechnology, 181: 1–11 More info

Pais DAM, Carrondo MJT, Alves PM, Teixeira AP.
Towards real-time monitoring of therapeutic protein quality in mammalian cell processes.
Current Opinion in Biotechnology. Jul 15;30C:161-167 More info

Patrone M, Carinhas N, Sousa MQ, Peixoto C, Ciferri C, Carfi A, Alves PM
Enhanced Expression of Full-Length Human Cytomegalovirus Fusion Protein in Non-Swelling Baculovirus-Infected Cells with a Minimal Fed-Batch Strategy
PLoS One. Mar 4;9(3):e90753.  More info

Piersanti, S., Licursi, V., Brito, C., Burla, R., Alves, P., Simao, D., Devau, G., Mottini, C., Negri, R., Tagliafico, E., Kremer, E. J. & Saggio, I.
High Throughput Comparative Analysis of the Response of Human and Nonhuman Primate Neurons To Viral Vectors
Molecular Therapy 22, S192-S192. More info

Rebelo SP, Costa R, Estrada M, Shevchenko V, Brito C, Alves PM.
HepaRG microencapsulated spheroids in DMSO‑free culture: novel culturing approaches for enhanced xenobiotic and biosynthetic metabolism.
Archives of Toxicology. Published online 09 August 2014.  More info

Rodrigues AF, Carrondo MJ, Alves PM, Coroadinha AS
Cellular targets for improved manufacturing of virus-based biopharmaceuticals in animal cells
Trends in Biotechnology, 32(12):602-7 More info

Santo VE, Estrada M, Veloso S, Sousa MFQ, Van der Kuip H, Oren M, Boghaert ER, Alves PM & Brito C
Recapitulation of non-small-cell lung carcinoma microenvironment in perfusion bioreactor cultures: the impact of hypoxia on tumour-stroma crosstalk.
European Journal of Cancer 50, S83-S83. More info

Sarmento L, Póvoa V, Nascimento R, Real G, Antunes I, Martins L, Moita M, Alves PM, Abecasis M, Moita L, Parkhouse R, Meijerink J and Barata JT.
CHK1 overexpression in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia is essential for proliferation and survival by preventing excessive replication
Oncogene. 2014 Aug 18;0.  More info

Silva AC, Yami M, Libeau G, Carrondo MJ, Alves PM.
Testing a new formulation for Peste des Petits Ruminants vaccine in Ethiopia.
Vaccine, 32(24): 2878–81 More info


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Insect cells as production platform of complex VLPs
Expert Rev Vaccines. Feb,12(2):225-36 More info

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Gene Ther. Apr,20(4):353-60 More info

Fernandes P, Santiago VM, Rodrigues AF, Tomás H, Kremer EJ, Alves PM, Coroadinha AS
Impact of E1 and Cre on Adenovirus Vector Amplification: Developing MDCK CAV-2-E1 and E1-Cre Transcomplementing Cell Lines
PLoS One. 2013,8(4):e60342. Epub 2013 Apr 2 More info

Lamego J, Cunha B, Peixoto C, Sousa MF, Alves PM, Simplicio AL, Coroadinha AS
Carboxylesterase 2 production and characterization in human cells: new insights into enzyme oligomerization and activity
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. Feb,97(3):1161-73 More info

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Metabolic signatures of GS CHO cell clones associated with butyrate treatment and culture phase transition.
Biotechnol Bioeng, 110 (12): 3244-57.   More info

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(23)Na multiple quantum filtered NMR characterisation of Na(+) binding and dynamics in animal cells: a comparative study and effect of Na(+)/Li (+) competition.
Eur Biophys J. Apr 6.  42(7): 503-519  More info

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Metabolic pathways recruited in the production of a recombinant enveloped virus: mining targets for process and cell engineering.
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A methodology for detection and quantification of esterase activity.
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A cell sorting protocol for selecting high-producing sub-populations of Sf9 and High FiveTM cells,
J Biotech. 168 (4): 436-49.   More info


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Carbon monoxide modulates apoptosis by reinforcing oxidative metabolism in astrocytes: role of BCL-2
J Biol Chem, 287 (14): 10761-70 More info

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Hum Gene Ther Methods, 23(4):255-63 More info

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Systems biotechnology of animal cells: the road to prediction
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Biotechnol J, Epub ahead of print More info

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Flipase-mediated cassette exchange in Sf9 insect cells for stable gene expression
Biotechnol Bioeng, 109(11):2836-44 More info

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Toxicol Sci, Epub ahead of print More info

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Biotechnol Prog, 28(4):1079-87 More info

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Vet Microbiol, 156 (2012) 305–314 More info

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Toward system-level understanding of baculovirus–host cell interactions: from molecular fundamental studies to large-scale proteomics approaches
Front. Microb. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2012.00391 More info

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Carbon monoxide targeting mitochondria
Biochem Res Int, 2012:749845 More info

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Preconditioning triggered by Carbon Monoxide (CO) provides neuronal protection following perinatal hypoxia-ischemia
Plos One, 7(8): e42632 More info

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Biotechnol Bioeng, 109 (5): 1269-79 More info

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