Continuous steam sterilizable disk centrifuges (Westfalia, up to 300 L/h) and Tubular centrifuges (Sharples and Karl Padberg, up to 100 L/h)

Continuous steam sterilizable Ultra/Microfiltration units (Sartorius, up to 7 m2)

Freeze dryer (Christ, 2 m2)

High pressure homogenizers (APV and Avestin, up to 2000 bar and 40 L/h)

Liquid-liquid extration unit (Westfalia, 2 stage counter current or cross flow)

UBICON supervisory and process control system (ESD)

Preparative and pilot scale chromatographic units (GE Healthcare)

Single-use Bioreactors: Wave (GE Healthcare) and Cultibag (Sartorius), 10-20/25-50 systems

Stainless-steel Bioreactors: 2 to 300L (Sartorius, Bioengineering, Applikon)