Main Activities

The main area of activities is the pharmaceutical industry (human and veterinary), namely in the development of production processes for new vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutic products, as well as production of recombinant proteins for structural biology studies

Another relevant area of work is the agro industry, namely in the development of Probiotics and starter cultures.


Pilot Plant Track Record

Biopharmaceutical Products:

Cephalosporin C - Optimization of production
Recombinant fusion protein for cancer therapy
Antibodies fragments for cancer therapy – optimization of production process using Pichia pastoris (methanol induced and constitutive expression)
​Malaria proteases inhibitors

Vaccine development:

Recombinant proteins for use in subunits vaccines
Virus like particles (VLP's) candidate vaccines for HIV and Porcine Parvovirus
Bacterial vaccines for veterinary purposes (Canine Leptospirose, Strangles)
Mass production of endothelial cells for Cowdriose vaccine


Diagnostic prototype for HIV
Diagnostic prototype for Leishmania
Antibody fragment for cancer

Cell and virus banking for Quality Control purposes (Bioassays)

Production and purification of proteins for Structure Function Research:

Nuclear Receptors and their ligand bindings domains
Non glycosilated proteins from E.coli
Glycoproteins from animal cells

Starter Cultures for Biotechnological Processes:

Leuconostoc oenus
Lactobacillus plantarum
Bacillus subtilis spores for use as probiotics

Liophilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants