Food & Health Division

The Food & Health Division, coordinated by Maria do Rosário Bronze, has strong competences studying food products, considering aspects related with their quality: safety, authenticity, sensory. Water considered for human consumption is also an area of expertise. The isolation, characterization and formulation of bioactive and functional compounds or extracts from natural sources and wastes from food and other related industries, is also an important are of knowledge.  Pre-clinical assays implemented (chemical assays, enzymatic methods and cell-based assays) are used to evaluate the biological activity and bioacessibility, bioavailability and human intervention studies are also performed to provide support to understand health claims related with the beneficial effects of food nutrients/bioactives components. The molecular mechanisms underlying these effects in Health and Disease (diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases) are also studied. Different methodologies including mass spectrometry state-of-the-art are used to fully characterize different matrices, from food products, natural extracts or biological fluids.

iBET's Food & Health Division is composed of 4 Laboratories:

Nutraceuticals & Bioactives Process Technology Laboratory - headed by Ana Matias
Food Functionality & Bioactives Laboratory - headed by Maria do Rosário Bronze
Molecular Nutritional & Health Laboratory -  headed by Cláudia Santos
Food Safety and Microbiology Laboratory - headed by Teresa Crespo

Some of our partners in industry include: