Health & Pharma Division

iBET's Health & Pharma Division is composed of two Infrastructural Units:

Animal Cell Technology Unit
The Animal Cell Technology Unit (ACTU), coordinated by Paula Alves, is a top research group combining knowledge and competences of scientists from a wide range of disciplines (Biochemistry, Biology and Engineering). The Units' knowhow in terms of biopharmaceuticals spans from the initial expression vector design and cell line establishment through all stages of process development and scale-up (production, purification, stability and storage). Additionally, the recognized potential of cell- and gene-based therapies has led the Unit to develop expertise in both areas. In recent years, the ACTU has been dedicating substantial effort in the development of new advanced in vitro cell models for pre-clinical research.

Structural Biology for Drug Discovery Unit
The Structural Biology for Drug Discovery Unit (SBDDU), coordinated by Pedro Matias, has strong competences and an extensive track record in 3D protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography, along with expertise in Limited Proteolysis for protein construct design, and Differential Fluorimetry Assays (Thermofluor) for protein stability studies.