Plant genomics and biotechnology

Plants are essential for humankind, not only for food production and environmental sustainability but also for numerous industrial processes. The growing human population, the increased threatens to environment and the changing climate, are important challenges requiring special attention on plants. We invest in subjects with scientific interest and economic relevance, aiming to support agriculture and forestry and to contribute to better food and health. We develop and use biotechnology and genomic tools in economically important plant species such as forest and fruit species, cereals, legumes and medicinal plants. Major efforts are directed to explore genomic tools, such as sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics, and molecular markers, to identify regulators, genes and strategies responsible for resistance to pests and diseases and for tolerance to water deficit, salinity and temperature stress. Grounded by physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology tools, we identify new plant products, improve biomass production, and also support breeding programs. The study of bioactive compounds and potential health beneficial effects of food metabolites is also performed.Our teams have complementary expertise and collaborate with national and international groups and the private sector. Our research is published in internationally recognized journals.

All research is conducted through a close partnership between iBET and ITQB.