Honorable mention in Research and Development category

Green Project Awards 2017

"NutraBrass - Nutraceuticals from Brassicaceae: High Pressure Processing of Cruciferous food plants to recover biologically active ingredients with health promoting effects"

White Wine and Health

Aveleda Award 2013

iBET was awarded a research grant in the 1st Edition of Aveleda Award “White wine & Health” with the scientific project  "White wine- a healthy option with positive impact on type 2 diabetes”.  The project authored by Catarina Duarte, Teresa Serra, Ana Matias and Rosário Bronze describes the evaluation of the anti-hyperglycemic, antioxidant and anti-obesity effects of several white wines using pre-clinical assays. The study demonstrated that white wines have similar or higher capacity than red wines in inhibiting human digestive system enzymes, namely alpha-amylase, alpha-glucosidase and pancreatic lipase, that are responsible for the hydrolyzes of dietary sugar and fat molecules. Ongoing research is focused on the identification of phytochemical compounds responsible for this effect. This award was given by Aveleda and aimed at distinguish research projects focused on the evaluation of health benefits of moderate white wine consumption.

1st honorable mention in Research and Development category

Nutrition Awards 2012

“Bravo de Esmolfe-an apple with a beneficial effect in cardiovascular health”

Innovation and Development of Products and Services category

Nutrition Awards 2011

“Cherry extract obtained from supercritical technology– a chemotherapeutical agent against colon cancer"