Research Projects

Ongoing International Funded Projects

IT-DED3 - Integrated Training in Dry Eye Disease Drug Development
20182021, H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017

CHIC - Chicory as a multipurpose crop for dietary fibre and medicinal terpenes
20182022, H2020-NMBP-BIO-2017 (760891-2)

Ongoing National Funded Projects

ValorMar - Valorização integral dos recursos marinhos: potencial, inovação tecnológica e novas aplicações
20182020, Sistema de Incentivos Programa PORTUGAL 2020 - FEDER-FSE

Nature Bioactive Food
20182020, PDR2020-101-031529

MultiBiorefinery - Multi‐purpose strategies for broadband agro‐forest and fisheries by‐products valorisation: a step forward for a truly integrated biorefinery
20172019, POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016403

NanoMaxiSafe - Functionalized nanostructured delivery systems for food applications: strategies to maximize bioactive compounds’ bioavailability and their safety evaluation
20162019, PTDC/AGR­TEC/5215/2014

Concluded projects (International Funding)

BacHBerry-Bacterial Hosts for production of Bioactive phenolics from berry fruits
20132016, FP7-KBBE.2013.3.1-01

WineSense— Research on extraction and formulation intensification processes for natural actives of wine.
20132017, Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) - FP7-PEOPLE-2013

SUPERGREENCHEM Green Chemistry in Supercritical Fluids: Phase Behaviour, Kinetics and Scale - up
20042008, MARIE CURIE ACTIONS Research Training Net works (RTNs)

SUPERMAT – Supercritical Fluids and materials Network
20032006, FEDER, Programme Interreg IIIB «Atlantic Area

Concluded projects (National Funding)

Novel Noninvasive Markers of Non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease Progression and Newly Therapeutic Approaches
20162017, iNOVA4HEALTH Ref: 201504-01-01

OrangeCTherapy: Chemotherapeutic effect of Citrus bioactive compounds - evaluation for targeting human colorectal cancer stem cells
20152017, iNOVA4HEALTH Ref: 201504-01-02

T2C – Development of a novel delivery system (DS) to Target metastatic colorectal Cancer (mCRC)
20152017, iNOVA4HEALTH Ref: 201504-01-011

NutraBrass - Nutraceuticals from Brassicaceae: High Pressure Processing of Cruciferous food plants to recover biologically active ingredients with health promoting effects
20132015, PTDC/AGR-TEC/3790/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal

Development of novel gelatine-based drug delivery systems using supercritical fluid technology
20102013, PTDC/EQU-EQU/104552/2008, funded by FCT.

Preparation of improved delivery systems for the administration/targeting of APIs
20102011, Acção Integrada Luso-Espanhola nº E-111/10, CRUP

BioNIO – Isolation of Bioactive Natural Ingredients from Opuntia spp. Valorisation of varieties from Alentejo.
20102013, PTDC/AGR-AAM/099645/2008, funded by FCT.

Polymer plasticization and compatibility using Green Technologies. Application of ionic liquids and supercritical fluids
20082011, PTDC/QUI/71398/2006

“Green” production of cyclodextrin-based matrixes using supercritical carbon dioxide
20072010, PTDC/QUI/66086/2006, funded by FCT

Preparation of therapeutic ophthalmic articles using molecular imprinting methods and supercritical fluids
20072009, PTDC/SAU - FCF/71399/2006

Fitoquímicos e fibras de maçãs de variedades regionais das beiras e de cultivares exótic as e seus benefícios para a saúde
20062008, Agro 930/2006.09.0040012

Concluded projects Industry

20112013, (QREN) - contract iBET / Amorim Cork Research & Services, Lda

Isolation and characterisation of Bioproducts with application in food oil industry
20102012, no âmbito do projecto QREN:"Integração de factores de competitividade na cadeia de produção de "Azeite + Global” (QREN) - contract iBET / Sovena - Comércio e Industria de Produtos Alimentares, S.A.