Selected Publications


Álvarez, A., Poejo, J., Matias, A.A., Duarte, C.M.M., Cocero, M.J., Mato, R.B.
Microwave pretreatment to improve extraction efficiency and polyphenol extract richness from grape pomace. Effect on antioxidant bioactivity
Food and Bioproducts Processing, 106, 162-170 More info

Fernández, N., Sánchez-Fontecoba, P., Castillo-Martínez, E., Carretero-González, J., Rojo, T., Armand, M.
Polymeric Redox-Active Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries
ChemSusChem, 10, 1-10 More info

Lévai, G., Moro, A., Matias, A.A., Gonçalves, V.S.S., Bronze, M. R., Duarte, C.M.M., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Cocero, M.J.
Production of encapsulated quercetin particles using supercritical fluid technologies
Powder Technology, 317, 142-153 More info

Martín, V., Gonçalves, V., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Nunes, D., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Cocero, M.J., Duarte, C.
Production of copper loaded lipid microparticles by PGSS® (particles from gas saturated solutions) process
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 131, 124-129 More info

Pereira, L. P., Silva, P., Duarte, M., Rodrigues, L., Duarte, C. M., Albuquerque, C., Serra, A. T.
Targeting Colorectal Cancer Proliferation, Stemness and Metastatic Potential Using Brassicaceae Extracts Enriched in Isothiocyanates: A 3D Cell Model-Based Study
Nutrients, 9(4), 368 More info

Prietro, C., Calvo, L., Duarte, C.M.M.
Continuous supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions to produce nanocapsules of vitamin E in polycaprolactone
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 124, 72–79 More info

Prietro, C., Duarte, C.M.M., Calvo, L.
Performance comparison of different supercritical fluid extraction equipments for the production of vitamin E in polycaprolactone nanocapsules by supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 122, 70-78 More info

Saldanha do Carmo, C., Maia, C., Poejo, J., Lychko, I., Gamito, P., Nogueira, I., Bronze, R., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M.
Microencapsulation of alpha-tocopherol with zein and β-cyclodextrin using spray-drying for colour stability and shelf-life improvement of fruit beverages
RSC Advances, 7, 32065-32075 More info

Saldanha do Carmo, C., Pais, R., Simplício, A.,Mateus, M., Duarte, C.M.M.
Improvement of aroma and shelf-life of non-alcoholic beverages through cyclodextrins-limonene inclusion complexes
Food and Bioprocess Technology, 1–13 More info


Álvarez-Bautista, A., Mendizábald, E., Duarte, C.M.M., Katime, I.
Controlled delivery of drugs through smart pH-sensitive-nanhydrogels for anti-cancer therapies: synthesis, drug release and cellular studies
Designed Monomers and Polymers, 19 (4), 319-329 More info

Arshadi et al.
Pre-treatment and extraction techniques for recovery of added value compounds from wastes throughout the agri-food chain
Green Chemistry, 18, 6160-6204 More info

Gómez-Galván, F., Pérez-Álvarez, L., Matas, J., Álvarez-Bautista, A., Poejo, J., Duarte, C.M.M., Ruiz, L., Vila-Vilela, J.L., León, L.M.
Preparation and Characterization of Soluble Branched ionic β-cyclodextrins and their Inclusion Complexes with Triclosan
Carbohydrate Polymers, 142, 149–157 More info

Gonçalves, V., Poejo, J., Matias, A., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Cocero, M.J., Duarte, C.M.M.
Using different natural origin carriers for development of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) solid formulations with improved antioxidant activity by PGSS-drying
RSC Advances, More info

Gonçalves, V.S.S., Gurikov, P., Poejo, J., Matias, A.A., Heinrich, S., Duarte, C.M.M., Smirnova, I.
Alginate-based hybrid aerogel microparticles for mucosal drug delivery
European Journal of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, 107, 160–170 More info

Gonçalves, V.S.S., Matias, A.A., Poejo, J., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M.
Application of RPMI 2650 as a cell model to evaluate solid formulations for intranasal delivery of drugs
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 515 (1-2),1-10 More info

Mata, A., Ferreira, J.P., Semedo, C., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M., Bronze, M.R.
Contribution to the characterization of Opuntia spp. juices by LC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS
Food Chemistry, 210, 558-565 More info

Matias, A.A., Ramos, R.R., Nunes, S., Figueira, I., Serra, A.T., Bronze, M.R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Protective effect of a (poly)phenol-rich extract derived from Sweet Cherries culls against oxidative cell damage
Molecules , 21(4), 406 More info

Moreno, T., Paz, E., Matias, A., Rodriguez-Rojo, S., Duarte, C.M.M., Cocero, M.J.
Spray drying formulation of polyphenols-rich grape marc extract: evaluation of operating conditions and different natural carriers
Food and Bioprocess Technology, 9, (12), 2046–2058 More info

Pérez-Álvarez, L., Laza, J., Álvarez-Bautista, A.
Covalently and Ionically Crosslinked Chitosan Nanogels for Drug Delivery
Current Pharmaceutical Design, 22 (22), 3380 - 3398 More info

Rodrigues, L., Silva, I., Poejo, J., Serra, A.T., Matias, A.A., Bronze, M.R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Recovery of antioxidant and antiproliferative compounds from watercress using pressurized fluid extraction
RSC Advances, 6, 30905-30918 More info

Saldanha do Carmo, C., Nunes, A. N., Silva, I.,Maia, C., Poejo,J., Ferreira-Dias, S.,Nogueira, I., Bronze, R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Formulation of pea protein for increased satiety and improved foaming properties
RSC Advances, 6, 6048-6057 More info

Santo, V.E., Estrada, M.F., Silva, I.M., Rebelo, S.P., Pinto, C., Veloso, S.C., Serra, A.T., Boghaert, E., Alves, P.M., Brito, C.
Adaptable stirred-tank culture strategies for large scale production of multicellular spheroid-based tumor cell models
Journal of Biotechnology, 10, 118-129 More info


Álvarez–Bautista, A., Mendizábal, E., Duarte, C.M.M., Katime, I.
Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide-Co-Acrylic Acid) Smart Nanocarriers for Drug Release: A Study of Theophylline Delivery
Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine, 9 (4), 1000196 More info

Gonçalves, V.S.S., Matias, A.A., Rodriguez-Rojo, S., Nogueira, I.D., Duarte, C.M.M.
Supercritical fluid precipitation of ketoprofen in novel structured lipid carriers for enhanced mucosal delivery - a comparison with solid lipid particles
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 495 (1), 302–311 More info

Gonçalves, V.S.S., Rodriguez-Rojo, S., de Paz, E., Mato, C., Martin, A., Cocero, M.J.
Production of water soluble quercetin formulations by pressurized ethyl acetate-in-water emulsion technique using natural origin surfactants
Food Hydrocolloids, 51, 295-304 More info

Gonçalves, V.S.S., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Matias, A., Nunes, A.V., Nogueira, I.D., Nunes, D., Fortunato, E., de Matos, A.P., Cocero, M.J., Duarte, C.M.M.
Development of Multicore Hybrid Particles for Drug Delivery through the Precipitation of CO2 Saturated Emulsions
International journal of pharmaceutics, 478, 9–18 More info

Metrouh-Amir, H., Duarte, C.M.M., Maiza, F.
Solvent effect on total phenolic contents, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities of Matricaria pubescens
Industrial Crops and Products, 67, 249-256 More info

Nunes, A.N., Do Carmo, C.S.,Duarte, C.M.M.
Production of a natural red pigment derived from Opuntia spp. using a novel high pressure CO2 assisted-process
Rsc Advances, 5 (101), 83106-83114 More info

Rocha, J., Eduardo-Figueira, M., Barateiro, A., Fernandes, A., Brites, D., Bronze, R., Duarte, C.M.M., Serra, A.T., Pinto, R., Freitas, M., Fernandes, E., Silva-Lima, B., Mota-Filipe, H. and Sepodes, B.
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Rosmarinic Acid and an Extract of Rosmarinus officinalis in Rat Models of Local and Systemic Inflammation
Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, 116 (5), 398–413 More info

Saldanha do Carmo,C., Nunes,A. N., Serra, A.T., Ferreira-Dias, S., Nogueira, I., Duarte, C.M.M.
A way to prepare a liposoluble natural pink colourant
Green Chemistry, 17, 1510-1518 More info


Araújo, J.M.M., Florindo, C., Pereiro, A.B., Vieira, N.S.M., Matias, A.A., Duarte, C.M.M., Rebelo, L.P.N., Marrucho, I.M.
Cholinium-based ionic liquids with pharmaceutically active anions.
RSC Advances, 4 (53), 28126-28132 More info

Figueira, M.E., Câmara, M. B., Direito, R., Rocha, J.P., Serra, A.T., Duarte C.M.M., Fernandes, A., Freitas, M., Fernandes, E., Marques, M.C., Bronze, M.R., Sepodes, B.
Chemical characterization of a red raspberry fruit extract and evaluation of its pharmacological effects in experimental models of acute inflammation and collagen-induced arthritis.
Food & Function, 12 (5) 3241-3251 More info

Florindo, C., Costa, A., Matos, C., Nunes, S.L., Matias, A., Duarte, C.M.M., Rebelo, L.P.N., Branco, L.C., Marrucho, I.M.
Novel organic salts based on fluoroquinolone drugs: Synthesis, bioavailability and toxicological profiles.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 469 (1), 179-189 More info

Genebra, T , Santos, R.R., Francisco, R., Pinto-Marijuan, M., Brossa, R., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M., Chaves, M.M., Zarrouk, O.
Proanthocyanidin accumulation and biosynthesis are modulated by the irrigation regime in tempranillo seeds.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 15 (7), 11862-11877 More info

Matias, A., Nunes, S.L., Poejo, J., Mecha, E., Serra, A.T., Madeira, P., Bronze, M., Duarte, C.M.M.
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of a flavonoid-rich concentrate recovered from Opuntia ficus-indica juice
Food & Function, 5, 3269-3280 More info


Almeida, A.P., Rodríguez - Rojo, S., Serra, A.T., Vila - Real, H., Simplício, A.L., Delgadilho, I., Beirão da Costa, S., Beirão da Costa, L., Nogueira, I.D., Duarte, C.M.M.
Microencapsulation of Oregano essential oil in starch - based materials using Supercritical Fluid Technology.
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 20, 140-145. More info

Fraile, M., Martín, Á. , Deodato, . D., Rodriguez - Rojo, S., Nogueira, I.D., Simplício, A.L., Cocero, M.J., Duarte , C.M.M.
Production of new hybrid Systems for drug delivery by PGSS (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions) process .
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 81, 226-235.  More info

Guedes, A. C., Gião, M. S., Matias, A. A., Nunes, A. V. M., Pintado, M. E., Duarte, C.M.M., Malcata, F.X.
Supercritical fluid extraction of carotenoids and chlorophylls a, b and c, from a wild strain of Scenedesmus obliquus for use in food processing.
Journal of Food Engineering 116 (2) 478-482.  More info

Matias, A.A., Nunes, S., Poejo, J., Mecha, E., Serra, A.T., Bronze, M.R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of a flavonoid-rich Opuntia ficus-indica concentrate in human intestinal cells.
Food Research International, 5(12):3269-80 More info

Montes, A., Nunes , A. , Gordillo, M.D., Pereyra, C. , Duarte, C.M. M. , Ossa, E. J. M.
Amoxicillin and Ethyl Cellulose Precipitation by Two Supercritical Antisolvent Processes.
Chemical Engineering & Technology 36, 665-672.  More info

Pereiro, A., Araújo, J., Martinho, S., Alves, F., Nunes, S., Matias, A., Duarte, C., Rebelo, L. P., Marrucho, I.
Fluorinated Ionic Liquids: Properties and Applications.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4, 427-439. More info

Rodríguez - Rojo, S., Lopes, D.D., Alexandre, A.M.R.C., Pereira, H., Nogueira, I.D., Duarte, C.M.M.
Encapsulation of perfluorocarbon gases into lipid - based carrier by PGSS.
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 82, 206-212. More info

Santos, R., Rocha, A., Matias, A., Duarte, C., Sá - Nogueira, I., Lourenço, N., Paulo, J., Vidinha, P.
Development of Antimicrobial Ion Jelly® Fibers.
RSC Advances 3, 24400-24405  More info

Serra, A.T., Poejo, J., Matias, A.A., Bronze, M.R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Evaluation of Opuntia spp. products as antiproliferative agents in human colon cancer cell line (HT29).
Food Research International 54, 892-901 More info

Varona, S. , Rodríguez Rojo, S., Martín, A., Cocero, M.J., Serra, A.T., Crespo,T., Duarte, C.M.M.
Antimicrobial activity of lavandin essential oil formulations against three pathogenic food - borne bacteria.
Industrial Crops and Products 42, 243-250.  More info

Varona, S., Martin, A , Cocero, M.J., Duarte, C.M.M.
Encapsulation of Lavandin Essential Oil in Poly - ( e - caprolactones) by PGSS Process.
Chemical Engineering & Technology 36, 1187–1192 More info


Beirão da Costa S, Duarte C, Bourbon AI , Pinheiro AC , Serra AT, Martins MM,Januário MIN, Vicente AA, Delgadillo I,Duarte C, Beirão da Costa ML.
Effect of the matrix system in the delivery and in vitro bioactivity of microencapsulated Oregano essential oil
Journal of Food Engineering 110 190–199.  More info

De Paz, E., Martín, Á., Duarte, C.M.M., Cocero, M.J.
Formulation of ß-carotene with poly-(e-caprolactones) by PGSS process
Powder Technology, 217, 77-83 More info

de Paz, E., Martín, A., Estrella, A., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Matias, A.A., Duarte, C.M.M.
Formulation of Carotene By Precipitation From Pressurized Ethyl Acetate-On-Water Emulsions For Application As Natural Colorant
Food Hydrocolloids. 26 17–27.  More info

de Sousa, H.C., Costa, M.S., Coimbra, P., Matias, A.A., Duarte, C.M.M.
Experimental determination and correlation of meloxicam sodium salt solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide
Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 63 40–45 More info

Dias, A.M., Marceneiro, S., Braga, M.E., Coelho, J.F., Ferreira, A.G., Simões, P.N., Veiga, H.I., Tomé, L.C., Marrucho, I.M., Esperança, J.M., Matias, A.A., Duarte, C.M., Rebelo, L.P., de Sousa, HC.
Phosphonium-based ionic liquids as modifiers for biomedical grade poly(vinyl chloride)
Acta Biomaterialia . 8 1366-1379.  More info

Serra, A.T., Rocha, J., Sepodes, B., Matias, A.A., Feliciano, R.P., de Carvalho, A., Bronze, M.R., Duarte, C.M.M., Figueira, M.E.
Evaluation of cardiovascular protective effect of different apple varieties- correlation of response with composition
Food Chemistry 135, 2378-2386 More info

Tavares, L., Fortalezas, S., Tyagi, M., Barata, D., Serra, T., Duarte, C., Duarte, R., Feliciano, R., Bronze, M. R., Espírito-Santo, M. D., Ferreira, R. B. and Santos, C. N.
Bioactive compounds from endemic plants of Southwest Portugal: Inhibition of acetylcholine esteraseand radical scavenging activities
Pharmaceutical Biology . 50, 239-246 More info


Argemí, A., Domingo, C., Sampaio de Sousa, A.R., Duarte, C.M.M., García-González, C.A., Saurina, J.
Characterization of New Topical Ketoprofen Formulations Prepared by Drug Entrapment in Solid Lipid Matrices
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 100, 4783-4789. More info

Braga, M.E., Costa, V.P., Pereira, M.J., Fiadeiro, P.T., Gomes, A.P.R., Duarte, C.M.M., de Sousa, H.C.
Effects of operational conditions on the supercritical solvent impregnation of acetazolamide in Balafilcon A commercial contact lenses
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 420, 231– 243 More info

Nunes, A.V.M., Duarte, C.M.M.
Dense CO2 as a solute, co-solute or co-solvent in particle formation processes: a review
Materials, 4, 2017-2041 More info

Serra, A.T., Duarte, R.O., Bronze, M. R., Duarte, C.M.M.
Identification of bioactive response in traditional cherries from Portugal
Food Chemistry 125, 318-325 More info

Serra, A.T., Matias A.A., Almeida, A.P., Bronze, M.R., Alves, P.M., Sousa, H.C., Duarte, C.M.M.
Processing cherries (Prunus avium) using supercritical fluid technology. Part 2. Evaluation of SCF extracts as promising natural chemotherapeutical agents
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 55 1007–1013 More info

Varona, S., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Martína, A., Cocero, M.J., Duarte, C.M.M.
Supercritical impregnation of lavandin (Lavandula hybrida) essential oil in modified starch
Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 58, 313-319.  More info

Yañes, F., Martikainen, L., Braga, M.E.M., Alvarez-Lorenzo, C., Concheiro, A., Duarte, C.M.M., Gil, M.H., de Sousa, H.C.
Supercritical fluid-assisted preparation of imprinted contact lenses for drug delivery
Acta Biomaterials 7 , 1019-1030 More info


Costa, V.P., Braga, M.E.M., Duarte, C.M.M., Alvarez-Lorenzo, C., Concheiro, A., Gil, M.H., de Sousa, H.C.
Anti-glaucoma drug-loaded contact lenses prepared using supercritical solvent impregnation
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 53, 165-173 More info

Costa, V.P., Braga, M.E.M., Guerra, J.P., Duarte, A.R.C., Duarte, C.M.M., Leite, E.O.B., Gil, M.H., de Sousa, H.C.
Development of therapeutic contact lenses using a supercritical solvent impregnation method
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 52 306–316 More info

Feliciano, R. P., Antunes, C., Ramos, A., Serra, A. T., Figueira, M. E., Duarte, C.M.M., Carvalho, A., Bronze M. R.
Characterization of traditional and exotic apple varieties from Portugal. Part 1- Nutritional, phytochemical and sensory analysis
Journal of Functional Foods , 2, 35-45 More info

Frade, R.F.M, Candeias, N.R., Duarte, C.M.M., André, V., Duarte, M.T., Gois, P.M.P., Afonso, C.A.M.
New Dirhodium Complex with Activity towards Colorectal Cancer
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 20 , 3413-3415 More info

García-González, C.A, Argemí, A., Sampaio de Sousa, A. R., Duarte, C. M.M., Saurina, J., Domingo, C.
Encapsulation efficiency of solid lipid hybrid particles prepared using the PGSS® technique and loaded with different polarity active agents
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 54, 342-347.  More info

Matias, A., Serra, A.T., Silva, A.C., Marcelino,I., Ferreira, T.B., Perdigão,R., Silva, S., Coelho, A., Alves, P., Duarte,C.M.M
Portuguese winemaking residues as a potential source of natural anti-adenoviral agents.
Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 61, 4, 357-368. More info

Serra, A. T., Matias, A.A., Frade, R., Duarte, R.O., Feliciano, R., Bronze, M.R., de Carvalho, A., Duarte, C.M.M.
Characterization of traditional and exotic apple varieties from Portugal. Part 2- Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities
Journal of Functional Foods 2, 46-53 More info

Serra, A.T., Seabra, I.J., Braga, M.E.M., Bronze, M.R., de Sousa, H.C., Duarte, C.M.M.
Processing cherries (Prunus avium) using supercritical fluid technology. Part 1- Recovery of extract fractions rich in bioactive compounds.
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 55 , 184–191 More info

Tavares, L., Carrilho, D., Tyagi, M., Barata, D., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M., Duarte, R.O., Feliciano, R., Bronze, M.R., Chicau, P., Espírito-Santo, M.D., Ferreira, R.B., Santos, C.N.
Antioxidant Capacity of Macaronesian Traditional Medicinal Plants
Molecules, 15, 2576- 2592 More info


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Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 9, 311-319 More info


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Journal of Supercritical Fluids 43, 120-125 More info


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