Animal cell culture

Biohazard Laminar Flows

CO2 Incubators

Inverted phase contrast microscope

Water bath


Liquid Nitrogen Containers and -80ºC Freezers



Inverted light microscope with fluorescence, Nikon Eclipse TE 3000, equipped with Digital camera with unit control, Nikon DS-5MC-U2

Microtome Leica RM2155

Stereo microscope with optical fibers, Nikon SMZ800, equipped with Digital Camera Olympus CAM-SC30

Molecular Biology

Biolistic particle delivery device BioRad PDS-1000/He

Centrifuges (bench and refrigerated centrifuges, and ultracentrifuges)

Fraction Collector

Liquid Chromatography

Microplate spectrophotometer

PCR Thermocyclers for microtubes and slides (for in situ RT-PCR)

Several Polyacrilamide and agarose electrophoresis equipments for proteins and nucleic acids

Thermocycler LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System

Plant culture conditions

Chambers for Stress assays: Two walk-in chambers 10 000 EHHF (Aralab) of 10m2, provide a wide range of reproducible and uniform growth conditions (controlled light, temperature, humidity, CO2).

Flow benches: Several Microflow laminar workstations (Microflow Ltd); Vertical flow workstation (Nuaire)

Greenhouse: A 500 m2 glasshouse with six compartments is located outside the building.


Fluorescent Image Analyzer FLA-5100 (FujiFilm)

Gel based Proteomics: IPGphor (GE Healthcare) and EttanDalt II System (GE Healthcare)

Software 2D Gel Image Analysis (Same Spots from Nonlienar Dynamics and ImageMaster Platinum from GE Healthcare)

Visible Image Analyzer LabScan (GE Healthcare)