DataStorm - Large scale data management in cloud environments


Date: 20132016

Info: EXCL/EEI-ESS/0257/2012

Link: http://dmir.inesc-id.pt/project/DataStorm

Over the last decade a number of complex problems have emerged, involving the computation of predictions and the analyses of large information networks derived from massive data collection systems. Given the scale and nature of the data in most of the problems in this class, the problem becomes, to a large extent, socio-technical, in the sense that the computational challenges come hand-in-hand with societal challenges, given the possible implications of the use of knowledge derived from the analyses. DataStorm is an initiative for developing a critical mass of scientists and engineers for addressing the design, implementation and operation of the new wave of large-scale data-intensive software systems. These systems will collect and integrate data from heterogenous sources, public and proprietary, from which large and complex graphs can be derived. These graphs can then be mined for patterns, from which models, predictions and various forms of knowledge can then be inferred.