Selected Publications


Carvalho AL, Cardoso FS, Bohn A, Neves AR, Santos H
Engineering trehalose synthesis in Lactococcus lactis for improved stress tolerance
Applied Environ Microbiol 77: 4189-4199. doi:10.1128/AEM.02922-10


Alves M, Chaves I, Carrilho D, Veloso M, Ricardo, CP
Detection of novel trypsin inhibitors in cotyledons of Phaseolus vulgaris
Journal of Plant Physiology, 167: 848–854

Chaves I, Alves M, Carrilho D, Duque-Magalhães MC, Ricardo CP, Regalado A
HSP60 and HSP70 resist proteolysis during PCD induced in tobacco BY-2 cells by (β-D-galactosyl) 3Yariv reagent
Biologia Plantarum (in press)

Chaves MM, Zarrouk O, Francisco R, Costa JM, Santos T, Regalado AP, Rodrigues ML, Lopes CM
Grapevine and berry development under deficit irrigation- Hints from physiological and molecular data
Annals of Botany (invited review, in press)

Felisberto-Rodrigues C, Ribeiro IC, Veloso M, Ricardo CP, Pinheiro C
Germination under aseptic conditions of different ecotypes of wild beet (Beta vulgaris L. ssp maritima)
Seed Science and Technology, 38, 517-521

Fortalezas, S., Tavares L., Pimpão R., Tyagi, M., Pontes, V., Alves, P.M., McDougall, G., Stewart, D., Ferreira, R.B. and Santos, C.N
Antioxidant properties and neuroprotective capacity of strawberry tree fruit (Arbutus unedo)
Nutrients, 2 : 214-229

Lourenço, T., Saibo, N., Batista, R., Pinto Ricardo, C., Oliveira, M. M.
Inducible and constitutive expression of HvCBF4 in rice leads to differential gene expression and drought tolerance
Biologia Plantarum (in press)

Monteiro, S., Freitas, R., Rajasekhar. B.T., Teixeira, A.R. e Ferreira, R.B
The unique biosynthetic route from Lupinus β-conglutin gene to blad
PLoS ONE 5(1): e8542

Pinheiro C, Baeta JP, Pereira AM, Domingues H, Ricardo CP
Diversity of seed mineral content in Phaseolus vulgaris L. germplasm
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 23, 319–325

Santos A.P., Ferreira L., Maroco J., Oliveira M.M.
Abiotic stresses induced remodeling of ribosomal chromatin in rice
Cytogenetic and Genome Research (in press)

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Antioxidant and antiproliferative properties of strawberry tree tissues
J Berry Research, 1:3-12

Tavares, L., Carrilho, D., Tyagi, M., Barata, D., Serra, A.T., Duarte, C.M.M., Duarte, R.O., Feliciano, R., Bronze, M.R., Chicau, P., Espírito-Santo, M.D., Ferreira, R.B., Santos, C.N.
Antioxidant capacity of Macaronesian traditional medicinal plants
Molecules, 15: 2576-2592 More info


Batista,L., Monteiro,S., Loureiro, V.B., Teixeira, A.R. and Ferreira, R.B
The complexity of protein haze formation in wines
Food Chemistry, 112 : 169-177

Bohn A.
Integrative computational approaches to complex ecophysiological systems
In: Lüttge U, Osmond B, Rascher U, Schurr U, von Caemmerer S, Walter A (eds.) Imaging and Integrating Heterogeneity of Plant Functions: Functional Diversity from Cells to the Biosphere

Carrilho, D.M., Duarte, I.C., Francisco, R., Ricardo, C.P.P. and Duque-Magalhães, M.C
Discovery of novel plant peptides as strong inhibitors of metalloproteinases
Protein and Peptide Letters, 16, 543-551

Cerasoli S, McGuire MA, Faria J,  Mourato M, Schmidt M, Pereira J S, Chaves MM, Teskey RO
CO2 efflux, CO2 concentration and photosynthetic refixation in stems of Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.)
Journal of Experimental Botany 60, 99-105

Chaves, I., Pinheiro, C., Paiva, J.A.P., Planchon, S., Sergeant, K., Renaut, J., Graça, J.A., Costa, G., Coelho, A.V., Ricardo, C.P.P
Proteomic evaluation of wound-healing processes in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber tissue
Proteomics, 9, 4154-4175

Chaves, M.M., Flexas J, Pinheiro C
Photosynthesis under drought and salt Stress: Regulation mechanisms from whole plant to cell
Annals of Botany 103, 551-560

Costa e Silva F, Shvaleva A, Broetto F, Ortuño M.F., Rodrigues ML, Almeida MH, Chaves MM, Pereira JS
Acclimation to short-term low temperatures in two Eucalyptus globulus clones with contrasting drought resistance
Tree Physiology 29, 77–86

Gonzalez-Melendi P, Pires AS and Abranches R
Cell line-dependent sorting of recombinant phytase in cell cultures of Medicago truncatula
Functional Plant Biology 36, 431-441. DOI: 10.1071/FP08260

Lorenz WW, Yu YS, Simões M, Dean JFD
Processing the Loblolly Pine PtGen2 cDNA Microarray
Journal of Visualized Experiments, 25. doi: 10.3791/1182 More info

Marum L, Loureiro J, Rodriguez E, Santos C, Oliveira MM, Miguel CM
Flow cytometric and morphological analysis of Pinus pinaster somatic embryogenesis
Journal of Biotechnology 143: 288-295

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Analysis of genetic stability at SSR loci during somatic embryogenesis in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)
Plant Cell Reports 28: 673-682

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J. Proteome Res. 8: 2298–2309

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Transcription factors and regulation of photosynthetic and related metabolism under environmental stresses
Annals of Botany, 103: 609-623

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An integrated strategy to identify key genes in almond adventitious shoot regeneration
J. Exp. Bot. 60 (14): 4159-4173


Abranches, R., Arcalis, E., Marcel, S., Altmann, F., Ribeiro-Pedro, M., Rodriguez, J. and Stoger, E
Functional specialization of Medicago truncatula leaves and seeds does not affect the subcellular localization of a recombinant protein
Planta 227, 649-58. DOI 10.1007/s00425-007-0647-3

Batista R, Saibo N, Lourenço T, Oliveira MM
Microarray analyses reveal that plant mutagenesis may induce more transcriptomic changes than transgene insertion
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105(9): 3640–3645

Bohn A, García-Ojalvo J.
Synchronization of coupled biological oscillators under spatially heterogeneous environmental forcing
J Theor Biol 250: 37-47. doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2007.09.036

Miguel CM, Simões M, Oliveira MM, Rocheta M
Envelope-like retrotransposons in the plant kingdom: evidence of their presence in gymnosperms (Pinus pinaster)
Journal of Molecular Evolution 67:517–525

Pires AS, Cabral MG, Fevereiro P, Stoger E and Abranches R
High levels of stable phytase accumulate in the culture medium of transgenic Medicago truncatula cell suspension cultures
Biotechnology Journal 3, 916-923. DOI 10.1002/biot.200800044


Galego, L. and Almeida, J
Molecular genetic basis of flower colour variegation in Linaria
Genetical Research 89, 129-134

Gonçalves S., Cairney J., Pérez Rodríguez M., Cánovas F., Oliveira M.M., Miguel C.M.
PpRab1, a Rab GTPase from maritime pine is differentially expressed during embryogenesis
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 278: 273–282

Nelson C. Soares, Rita Francisco, Cândido Pinto Ricardo and Phil A. Jackson
Proteomics of ionically bound and soluble extracellular proteins in Medicago truncatula leaves
Proteomics 7: 2070-2082


Riberio MJ, Silva Pereira C, Soares N, Viera AM, Feijó JA and Jackson PA
The contribution of extensin network formation to peroxide-mediated increases in cell wall resistance to fungal lytic enzymes
J. Expt. Bot. 57: 2025 - 2035

Santos, A.P.; Wegel, E.; Allen, G.C.; Thompson, W.F.; Stoger E.; Shaw, P. and Abranches, R
In situ methods to localize transgenes and transcripts in interphase nuclei: a tool for transgenic plant research
Plant Methods 2006, 2:18 DOI 10.1186/1746-4811-2-18


Abranches, R.; Marcel, S.; Arcalis, E.; Altmann, F.; Fevereiro, P. and Stoger, E
Plants as bioreactors: a comparative study suggests that Medicago truncatula is a promising production system
Journal of Biotechnology 120, 121-134. doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2005.04.026


Galego, L. and Almeida, J
Role of DIVARICATA in the control of dorsoventral asymmetry in Antirrhinum flowers
Genes Dev. 16, 880-891


Almeida, J., Rocheta, M. and Galego, L.
Genetic control of flower shape in Antirrhinum majus
Development 124: 1387-1392