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January 22, 2014

iBET is a private not for profit research intensive SME in the area of biotechnology and life sciences. iBET was established in 1989 and bridges university and industry research, by establishing partnerships particularly in the areas related to Health & Pharma and Food & Health (in particular concerning agro-industry).

iBET is also a certified service provider offering solutions for Biopharmaceuticals & ATMPs, and for Foods, Nutraceuticals & Bioactive Ingredients. Our Analytical Service and Mass Spectrometry Units are certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and our Pilot Plant Unit (2.400m2) provides process development technology and scale up services for biologics. Our partner GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals (45% owned by iBET) follows current Good Manufacturing Practices, for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing for phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

iBET hosts 4 satellite laboratories (NovartisBayer, Merck and Sanofi) and has a broad network of collaborations, ranging from national and international companies, research institutes, foundations and public institutions.

iBET also serves as an incubation platform for start-up/spin-off companies.

iBET was one of the first research institutions to be awarded the status of Laboratório Associado (LA) by the Portuguese Ministery of Science and Technology, in 2001. Under the LA programme, iBET established a partnership with IGC and ITQB NOVA, and later CEDOC to maximize its research in Biologically Active Molecules, Molecular Medicine, Developmental Biology, Biological Risk and Plant Biotechnology. 

iBET belongs to the Agrotech Campus along with ITQB NOVA and the Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária (INIAV). The consortium aims to promote research and experimental development of agriculture and forestry, animal health and plant sanity and technology and inovation for bioeconomy. It will also support advanced and specialized training of researchers and technicians, namely in agro biotechnology, agro industry and forestry.

iBET is also the Coordinator of a Research Unit funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) – iNOVA4Health  a translational medicine program organizing the efforts of biomedical researchers involved in biological understanding of disease, lead compounds and biopharmaceuticals “pre-discovery”, technological scientists involved in “preclinical development”, and clinicians involved in “early clinical and first in man clinical trials” from institutions within NOVA University of Lisbon.

iBET has a privileged location only 15 Km west of Lisbon on the coast with easy and close access to main transportation routes to Lisbon (by train and highway).

You can find directions to iBET here


As published in the Portuguese Governmental Journal on 10th July (Despacho nº 8993/2013, Diário da República, 2ª série), given that iBET is a private non-profit research organization in the scientific area, it was determined that the donations granted to IBET are considered as expenses under the scientific patronage, as foreseen in the Tax Benefits Statute (Art. 62º A do Estatuto dos Benefícios Fiscais).

SIFIDE II, a system of tax incentives for entrepreneurial R&D is now in force until 2020, as per the new Investment Tax Code, aproved by the Decree-Law nº 162/2014. According to that system all the costs related to R&D activities supplied by R&D institutions are eligible expenses for the purpose of that incentive. IBET fully qualifies as a R&D institution for the purpose of this incentive scheme.


In research work carried out with companies, the ownership is often attributed to companies with iBET and the inventors collecting royalties. For patents filed directly by iBET, we try to market them as soon as they are filed with relevant companies as these can better use them in their business activities

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