Plant-based Bio-economy is an increasing reality in which sustainability requires the use of renewable resources. Knowing better the plants available, using them better, or improving them are thus major tasks ahead. To address these challenges using an integrated approach, we have several teams holding complementary know-how in Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Quantitative Genetics, Molecular Biology and Advanced molecular techniques. The subjects we have been tackling and for which we have expertise include:

  • Wood and cork formation and properties
  • Mechanisms of resistance to environmental stresses
  • Molecular characterization of individuals and populations (cultivar certification, markers for agronomical traits)
  • Crop improvement and clonal propagation
  • Identification and characterization of plant metabolites
  • Bioactivities related to human health
  • Food, nutrition

All research is conducted through a close partnership between IBET and ITQB