Biopharma Services

As one of the fastest growing fields in science, biopharmaceuticals offer exciting opportunities for researchers and businesses.

To support the rapid advances being made, iBET has developed a wide range of services that draw on our long-standing expertise in biopharmaceutical discovery and development.

iBET works in a broad range of fields that encompass multidisciplinary approaches ranging from basic, technological to clinical and translational research. Our expertise encompasses the development of complex biopharmaceuticals and novel therapies which include vaccines, recombinant proteins and viral vectors for gene therapy, the development of in-vitro models and methodologies for pre-clinical research and stem cells for cell therapy applications; structural biology for assisted drug design.

iBET comprises 16 laboratories fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology (70 m2 each), including a BSL2 laboratory for working with viruses; a GMP Analytical Services Unit certified by the INFARMED (the Portuguese medicines authority, EMA Portuguese branch) and by DGAV (the Portuguese veterinary authority) for quality control and batch release of human and  veterinary pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals as well as experimental new drugs; a GMP Mass-Spectroscopy Unit that provides state-of-the-art MS services to the scientific community and Industry; a 2600 m2 bio-pilot plant supporting production and purification of proteins ATMPs and vaccines from bench top to 300 L scale and privileged access to GeniBET Biopharmaceuticals, an iBET spin off producing ATMPs under cGMP certification for phase I/II/III clinical trials.