iBET Protein Production Platform

iBET's Protein Production Platform is specialized in recombinant protein production (including Mabs) taking advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in protein expression and purification. 

We offer recombinant protein production in several systems such as E. coli, yeast, baculovirus-insect and mammalian cells

Starting from a gene sequence, glycerol stock, plasmid or viral stock, iBET can manage your protein project from gene synthesis through protein characterization. iBET offers basic to complex purification and characterization services.

Strategy design:

Reverse translation of the protein of interest, sequence optimization having into account the host of choice more suited for obtaining the desired product, vector construction, inclusion of tags for purification and insertion of protease signal for tag removal.

Protein Expression in:

E. coli, yeast, baculovirus-insect cell system (BEVS, Sf9, Sf21 and Hi5) and mammalian cells (HEK293-EBNA, PerC6, CAP, Caco2, MRC-5, Sp2/0, BAE, Vero, MDCK, DK, CHO) with different expression strategies - stable or transient gene expression by transfection with plasmid vectors (Durocher system available).

Bioprocess development and scale up:

iBET's protein team is experienced with ramping up existing processes and developing new and unique purification strategies. For “scale-up” projects, we identify process engineering limitations and rapidly develop the most cost effective, robust solutions based on your existing platform and product release specifications.

Purification of secreted and intracellular targets, tagged or untagged. Once the process has been optimized we do the full expression whether at a bench-top or Pilot scale, followed by DSP and analytics for QA/QC, formulation and delivery.

Volumes available for stirred tank bioreactor: 0,2-0,5L; 0,5-5L; 0,8-2L; 6-10L; 13-30L; 15-35L; 20-50L; 80-300L

Volumes available for Wave: 0,5-50L

Downstream Processing:

  • AKTA Platform Technology (Explorer, Avant and Pilot)
  • Membrane Technology (AKTA Crossflow - scalable)
  • Ultrafiltration Systems

Manufacturing and R&D services may include testing on the Feasibility of the project. Technology transfer may be provided including all steps of process development.

If required, cGMP production may be provided through a close coordination between the iBET’s Pilot Plant and Genibet.

More information on recombinant protein production and Mabs can be found here.

Quality Testing

iBET offers a broad range of assays to test the quality of your protein in process and final release. In addition, client specified categories including formulation and stability testing are available upon request.

Typical categories and assay methods included in iBET's quality control testing:

CategoryAssay Method
ConcentrationA280, BCA and HPLC
PuritySDS-PAGE, Coomassie® staining, silver staining, western blotting, HPLC, and mass spectrometry analysis
Endotoxin levelEndoSafe-PTS
ActivityAs requested

Also available:

Proteomic Tools

  • Thermofluor (Differential Fluorimetry Assays) for protein stability and protein:ligand interaction studies. Improvement of protein buffer formulation for purification; choosing the most stable protein construct; checking the effect of compounds (ligands); compound screening. Taking the best out of each produced protein target.
  • Limited Proteolysis for protein construct re-design; LP for modulating highly un-stable protein target and by cleaving off intrinsically disordered regions, generating a more stable protein entity. Typically we aim to generate a more stable catalytic domain, which can be used throughout the project without any stability or solubility problems.
  • Nano-robot crystallization and 3D protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography and/or NMR.

More information on our Proteomic Tools can be found here.

Mass Spectrometry Tools

  • Protein Identification: (nanoLC) MALDI-TOF/TOF; TRIPLE-TOF
  • Intact Mass Measurement: MALDI-TOF/TOF; ESI-MS; TRIPLE-TOF
  • Purity Profile: MALDI-TOF/TOF; TRIPLE-TOF
  • Fragmentation Profile: MALDI-TOF/TOF; ESI-MS; TRIPLE-TOF
  • Stability Sudies: MALDI-TOF/TOF; LC-ESI-MS; TRIPLE-TOF

More information on our Mass Spectrometry Tools can be found here.