Satellite Laboratories with Pharma Companies

Since its inception in 1989, iBET has partnered with many international companies in scientifically based research projects. As our scientific and technical competences grew in excellence and trust, some biopharma companies became valuable partners leading to the creation of a new concept at iBET, the Satellite laboratories.

Satellite laboratories teams are exclusively dedicated to research within the network of such companies and comprise scientists jointly recruited by the company and iBET. In each Satellite laboratory, the Lab Head is the gatekeeper and the one responsible for the direct communication between both entities.

For the companies involved, highly qualified iBET´s scientists contribute to companies own R&D needs in a flexible and fully confidential way, having access to the broader knowledge existing at iBET as well as to its “horizontal infrastructures”, like the Pilot Plant and the Analytical Services Unit.

For iBET this allows operating more complex infrastructures and having access to a better knowledge on unmet R&D needs, reinforcing iBET’s own internal R&D strategy. Furthermore, as the success of iBET Satellite Laboratories becomes better known inside the large R&D companies’ networks, iBET gets challenged with new ideas, leading to enlarging the work load at the Satellite Laboratories or to new, separate R&D joint projects, developed outside of the specific Satellite Laboratory with iBET’s own teams.

Currently, four companies have Satellite Laboratories at iBET, carrying out activities in discovery or preclinical development for their pipelines: Bayer, Merck KGaA, Novartis and Sanofi.