Currently one SME has it's R&D team working at iBET'S premises


Logo GeniBET

GenIbet is a biopharmaceutical CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) owned partially by iBET and offering highly specialized microbial and cell culture process development and cGMP manufacturing services to research groups, biotech and pharma companies.

GenIbet's core activity is the manufacture and supply of materials for use in early stage drug development, pre-clinical studies and cGMP manufacturing for Phase I and II clinical trials.

More information at www.genibet.com


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MediaOmics  is a pioneer company in cell functional enviromics (CFE), a novel technology to identify the function of environmental  factors in cellular physiology. This technology generates a map that can be used to engineer the composition of culture media in  order to direct the metabolism of cultured cells towards optimal bioprocess performance. Based on this platform, MediaOmics is developing culture media formulations and services for the biopharmaceutical industry:

Pichia-FEM is a chemically-defined basal culture media formulation for the yeast Pichia pastoris, enabling high growth and productivity in a precipitate-free solution.

Pichia-SCREEN isa set of chemically defined supplements to Pichia-FEM that induce different cellular metabolic states for fast screening of quasi-optimal culture media formulations with minimal lab work.

Pichia-SER is a culture media customization service. The service is designed to obtain the best formula for a particular recombinant protein in a very short period of time and builds up on the information generated by  Pichia-SCREEN cultures.

Similar products and services are under development for CHO cells, and we are committed  to extend these to other important cell lines for life sciences.

More information at www.mediaomics.pt


ALFAMA is a young pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of small-molecule drugs for unmet medical needs.

ALFAMA's carbon monoxide releasing molecules (CORMs) hold the promise of contributing decisively to the prevention and cure of diseases involving inflammatory, infectious, thrombotic and apoptotic processes. Animal data indicates that various CORMs can be effective against ailments such as acute liver failure, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, transplant rejection, myocardial infarction, stroke, NSAID-induced gastric ulcers, hypertension and infection by antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

The core of ALFAMA's science is developed at state-of-the-art research facilities in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon (Portugal), where the company originally started, and Boston (Massachusetts, USA), where the headquarters of the mother company Alfama, Inc. are located.

ALFAMA's innovative science and agressive business approch have allowed the company to recruit top talent from around the world, even at its current early stage, and to gain control of all the intellectual property in its field.


Logo TheraProteins

TheraProteins offers more than 250 different oligosaccharide (N-glycan) structures of highest purity. Our catalogue contains fully characterized and quantified reference N-linked oligosaccharide structures for use in quality release testing of pharmaceutical glycoproteins (drug substance and dosage forms), lot-to-lot consistency, stability studies, in product intermediate analysis and in primary structural analysis for regulatory file submissions

More than 70 oligosaccharides standards for recombinant biopharmaceutical glycoprotein profiling / mapping; more than 35 N-linked oligosaccharides for recombinant antibody profiling / mapping; more than 150 different other oligosaccharides from CHO cells or other cells for N-glycosylation profiling / mapping, for NMR studies or for use as standards in mass spectrometry; more than 50 different oligosaccharide structures from natural glycoprotein.

TheraProteins oligosaccharides are quantified and characterized using complementary methods e.g. validated HPAEC-PAD analysis, ESI-MS (or MALDI-MS). The basic structures are analyzed by NMR spectroscopy.
More information at www.thera-proteins.com


Logo ecbio

ECBio is a privately-held company founded in December 1999 as a consultancy company, established its own animal cell facilities in 2002, when it shifted its focus to R&D in biotechnology.

ECBio was recently awarded with two major financial incentives from the Portuguese government in order to continue developing its two major areas of intervention, namely:

A. Stem cell technology directed towards cell therapies

B. Anticancer compounds

Vision: Improving the quality of life by developing innovative adult stem cell-based therapies and discovering new anti cancer agents.

More information at www.ecbio.com


Logo Raiz

RAIZ started its activity in January 1996. It is a private non-profit research institute committed to support the competitiveness of the Portuguese Pulp and Paper Industry, through research, technology transfer and training.

RAIZ activities are financed by partner companies in a perspective of transforming knowledge in technology, in order to increase forest productivity, improve pulp quality (reducing production costs and improving paperquality) and implementing sustainable forest management practices.

RAIZ budget for 2007 is of three million and two hundred Euro. It has 41 permanent workers of which 20 are researchers.

More information at www.raiz-iifp.pt


Logo StabVida

STAB VIDA is a genomics and proteomics company (DNA expression studies using microarrays, and small-scale protein production) that also provides services in the area of identification of harmful microorganisms (spoilage yeast in food and beverage and Legionella pneumophila in public buildings).

Additionally STAB VIDA detains capacity for DNA sequencing and genotyping. STAB VIDA has its own property technology in spoilage yeast identification. Moreover, our research team is leading two Wuropeans Consortiums. One consortium will aim at testing small molecules to be used in microarray technology optimization, and the other, will be drawn to develop molecular kits and clinical tests for pathogenic yeasts.

More information at www.stabvida.com


Logo Biotecnol

Biotecnol is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery, engineering and development of novel biopharmaceutical products. Most are multifunctional antibody molecules, directed to key therapeutic targets.

Using its technologies, Biotecnol is developing a unique pipeline of products for applications in major disease areas.

More information at www.biotecnol.com