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20/01/2020 12:00 am  - 31/01/2020 12:00 am

ABOUT THE BIOREACTORS WORKSHOP: The workshop aims to train iBET’s collaborators on bioprocess principles by providing a specific and comprehensive training on bioreactor handling, operation and common troubleshooting methods. The workshop will cover all the scales available at iBET for animal cell cultures (0.06-50L), which have different requirements and setup protocols. During the workshop, practical examples will be shown and interactive quizzes overviews will be performed. This workshop will consist of 8 sessions (table below) held between the 20 and 31 of January, 2020. It is expected that at the end of the workshop, attendees have basic knowledge on how to assemble bioreactor and run an experiment at iBET.


Theoretical (T), theoretical-practical (TP) and practical (P). ** Paralel sessions

1. Bioreactors: from types to operation, T*, 20 January (14:00-18:00), Marcos Sousa        

2. Process control and data monitoring, T*, 21 January  (14:00-15:45), João Clemente    

3. Data integrity, T*, 21 January (16:00-18:00), Ana Luisa Simplicio

4. Data analysis, TP*, 22 January (10:00-13:00), Inês Isidro

5.1. Training 1** (STB from 0.5 to 5L Scale), P*, 27 and 28 January (14:00-18:00), Marcos Sousa and Ricardo Correia

5.2. Training 2** (STB from 0.06 to 0.2L Scale), P*, 29 and 30 January (14:00-18:00), Marta Silva and Pedro Vicente

5.3. Training 3 (STB from 10 to 50L Scale), P*, 31 January (10:00-12:00), Filipe Pinto 

5.4. Training 4 (SUB from 0.1 to 25L Scale), P*, 31 January (14:00-15:30), Sandra Monteiro

NOTES: Workshop will be held with a minimum of 15 attendees. A maximum of 25 attendees in T and TP sessions and 5 per P sessions (5.1 to 5.4) will be selected based on the survey below (registration). Attending T and TP sessions is mandatory to those who were selected for P sessions. For P session, it is desirable that the participants already have a clear objective for using the bioreactors, so that the training can be focused on that same objective. Registration to individual T and TP sessions is also possible. Workshop notes will be made available on SharePoint.


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