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Explore Innovation

At iBET we have a wide experience on the recovery of bioactive compounds from agro-food industry residues, surplus and/or by-products

Sustainable biomass processing ranges from the preparation of biomass (by drying and grinding) to the extraction of the value-added bioactive compounds that may still be present in the biomass

iBET has a strong expertise in biomass processing in what concerns isolating bioactive ingredients from food and other natural sources, including botanicals and agri-food by-products or industrial waste streams.

Biomass Drying & Milling

The first step when receiving a new biomass is to dry it, therefore it will be possible to store it for long periods of time and it will occupy less storage space. Milling is also of paramount importance for extraction processes. Particle size may be responsible for a higher rate of bioactive compounds recovery.

  • Freeze drying
  • Controlled Granulometry

Consultancy for Biomass Process Intensification

Due to the vast experience of iBET team in process intensification it is possible to offer a variety of consultancy services in this area. From conventional to alternative extraction or precipitation methods, different solutions may be presented attending the client expectations.

Proof of Concept for Extraction & Formulation

Possibility of using our methodologies for experimental trials. These experiments despite conducted by iBET personal, may be accompanied by the client.

Technology Transfer

Transferring processes from our facilities to industries or other academic partners, either by offering consultancy, proof of concept or scaling up.

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