Explore Whistleblower Channel

Explore Whistleblower Channel

iBET conducts its activity according to high standards of professional responsibility and ethics, governed by the principles of integrity, transparency, honesty, loyalty, accuracy and good faith.

We believe that principles and behavior embody the values and establish the guide for an organization’s actions, strengthening its reason for existing. We believe that the way we work, how we develop and relate to each other dictates who we are and the Culture that is lived in an organization.

In this sense, a channel was created that allows workers or third parties to directly and confidentially transmit

(i) any practice that is less lawful;

(ii) identify situations of alleged accounting, financial or control irregularity;

(iii) identify cases of disrespect towards iBET people.

The implementation of this channel intends to facilitate the early prevention of irregular situations which, if they were to be practiced, could cause serious damage to iBET and its stakeholders.

This channel allows anonymous reception, which is implemented in accordance with the requirements set out in Lei n.º 93/2021, de 20 de dezembro that establishes the general regime for the protection of whistleblowers. iBET therefore guarantees to the whistleblower the same level of protection in any of the areas reported, namely ensuring no retaliation against him. 

To file a report or check the status of a previously submitted report, complete the form provided here. From the scope of this Whistleblowing Channel it is excluded any type of complaints related with (i) management decisions; (ii) terms and conditions of employment; (iii) matters of individual conscience where there is no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of iBET, but an employee is, for example, obliged to act in conflict in a personal way. These issues must be addressed using the internal channels for that purpose.

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