Cellular Bioprocesses Lab

Improving cellular bioprocess understanding using state-of-the-art bioanalytics and omics tools.

Research Focus

Our research is centered on bioprocess understanding for the advancement of cell technologies. We focus on novel therapies and complex biopharmaceuticals, namely vaccines, viral vectors and cells for gene and cell-based therapies.

Ongoing projects include the development and application of omics tools for bioprocess understanding and product attributes characterization with emphasis on single-cell transcriptomics, and on bioprocess development for rAAV production.

Areas of Activity


Development of bioanalytical tools for in-process monitoring and of new assays for biopharmaceuticals and ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) characterization.

Omics tools for Bioprocess Understanding

We employ next-generation sequencing techniques, such as RNA-Seq and single-cell transcriptomics, to improve our understanding of cell-based therapy platforms, including virus-like particles and pluripotent cells.

Bioprocess development for rAAV production

Development of improved integrated bioprocesses for rAAV production, from cell line development to final product.

Laboratory members

Invited Scientists