Translational Immunology Lab

Strengthening immunology expertise at iBET, with a focus on developing tools and strategies to test and potentiate the effectiveness of advanced cell immunotherapies

Immunol Team

Research Focus

Advances in both gene and cell immunotherapies rely on better understanding human immune responses. In 2023, iBET has decided to reinforce in-house immunology competence by creating the Translational Immunology lab.

The group has established partnerships with core groups of iBET’s animal cell technology unit to advance immune cell characterization and differentiation for use in advanced cell models and T cell manufacturing. The group additionally fosters knowledge sharing and novel collaborations by actively promoting a discussion forum dedicated to immunology projects.

Areas of Activity

Universal target cells for antibody-based potency tests

We employ genetic and cell engineering tools and strategies to develop universal target cells for antibody-based potency tests.

Generation and genetic modification of iPSC-derived Immune Cells

Development of protocols to generate human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived immune cells with defined effector functions. One of their applications is the modulation of the tumor microenvironment in 3D cancer cell models.

Team Members